Bangalore’s Like That Only?

My India colleague brought us to this fusion restaurant located at Whitefield, Bangalore that had a rojak looking logo comprising of a red Vespa paired with an oriental fan in full plumage, riding on a bottle-opener.


Sounding really Singlish, the name Likethatonly struck a cord with us Singaporeans immediately! Our host quickly explained that the entire English speaking Indian population, regardless of region and accent; have made liberal use of this expression, with a shrug of the shoulder and a click of the tongue. It is an exclamation point, hinting at matters abstract, prosaic, convoluted and also just a matter of fact.


A cage for the wine bottles. It will be really impressive if they kept a real bird in it!


The whimsical interior decorations showcased the restaurant’s quest to celebrate quirkiness and irreverence in everyday life. We seem to have walked into a magical wonderland. Anyone need a bath before lunch is served?


There’s your answer to Yum Cha in India.


I loved the generous planning of space in the restaurant and stunning landscaping that incorporates water bodies and lush foliage. The entire restaurant is divided into a few concept zones.


There’s the casual chill out couch for lazy hangouts with large groups.


The more intimate afternoon gossip tea tables with your closest BFFs.


As well as the slightly more serious sit down meal tables which we eventually settled for.


The lamp above us was beautifully decorated with multi-coloured dragonflies.


Not a good idea to have salt & pepper dispensers that are too cute. They distract diners from the menu.


Our chopsticks rest on brightly coloured dragonflies.


After a quick browse through, I got myself a Sea Food Bento Set (R$599). 


The bread basket was served promptly after all our orders were taken. Loved the warm crunchy crust and splendidly soft interior but had to stop at one to leave room for the main.


After a rather ordinary cup of miso soup and fairly normal sushi later, I lowered my expectations for the mains.


My Sea Food Bento Set with Thai Green Mussels & Fish Curry as well as Garlic Noodles was a feast for the eyes. Fortunately,  the green curry and dumplings didn’t disappoint.


The 2 desserts that accompanied our Bentos were served. We had the Apple Cheesecake Crumble Tart and


Five Spice Chocolate Cake, a feathery soft, bitter sweet chocolate cake with the addition of exotic five spice powder. A unique combination of chocolate and spices that’s worth a try if you are there.


While my colleagues are finishing off the desserts, I excused myself for the restroom and passed by the bar that dishes out delicious cocktails in the evening.


Sneaked up the stairs to explore the restaurant upper decks.


Despite Bangalore’s cool climate, the roof top area suited the evening better.


The restrooms were well hidden behind a shelf of colourful ornaments.


Hmm wondered what’s the chair there for? To wait while your friend is peeing?


The food served here may be Like That Only but the alluring decorations deserves a visit if you are in town.  Here’s the full information of the restaurant:


Address: 14/31A,Hagadur Road, WhitefieldBangalore – 560066

Tel: 080 6547 5610

Operating Hours: 12:00 noon — 11:30pm


Email: [email protected]

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