Disappointing Lunch @ Ao Nang, Krabi

After settling down at Ao Nang Princeville Resort, we wandered off onto the main shopping streets of Ao Nang in search of lunch.

The afternoon heatwave over at Ao Nang Beach was really unbearable with no air-conditioned restaurant in sight. Majority of westerners loved the tropical sun and they were more than happy to bask in its warmth. Hence these beachfront restaurants see no point in spending additional costs to cool down their Asian patrons.

We eventually settled for this seemingly authentic Thai restaurant that offered good shade and a relatively unblocked view of the beach.


At 2.30pm in the afternoon, there wasn’t much of a crowd. I decided to ordered a cold ice Thai beer to wash away some of the heat.


Our starter dish appeared to be just plain golden fried chicken nuggets.


But when we opened it up for a closer look, we realized that it actually contains glass vermicelli and little mixed vegetable to give a more textured bite.


For our main courses, we ordered a plate of Phat Thai which looked a little messy and tasted really ordinary…


Kuah Si Mee which sounds like ‘What are you looking at?’ in Hokkien was ordered more out of fun than anything else. I was curious to sample this notorious sounding noodles. It looks like our Singapore Hor Fun but with yellow noodles instead. Again… I am not impressed with the noodles.


Disappointed with this lower than average lunch on Ao Nang Beach, I was determined to hunt for a decent dinner venue before heading back to literally chill out in our resort room.


Did we eventually dine at this lovely restaurant beside the beach?

Stay tuned for the next Krabi post. 😛

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