[Sponsored Video] AXA Parents Know Best Social Experiment!

Every Singaporean parents take on the role of providing for and protecting their family. We are all born to protect our loved ones in one way or another. Everyday we make choices that ensure that our loved ones continues to thrive in the way of life that is good for everyone. In the market of children’s products, parents knows best what works and what doesn’t when it comes to their precious kids. To prove this, AXA created a design competition that pitches parents against designers in the re-designing of 3 children products!

AXA Parents Know Best Singapore - AspirantSG

The Parents Team (Blue Team) kicks off with a problem-solving approach and brainstormed on problems that these products potentially have – to focus on safety for kids. They cited practicality, usefulness and safety as the top few concerns of parents – whereby they do not mind spending more for the sake of safety. The Designers Team (Red Team) on the other hand are concerned with functionality of the products and capturing the essence of the products. They adopt a different approach by finding something new that the product can potentially offer – to make the products fun as well as safe.

AXA Designer Team Singapore - AspirantSG

The 2 teams are given 90 minutes to brainstorm and re-design the 3 common products and both come up with very innovation designs focusing on different purposes they wish to bring to the masses. The final designs for both teams are put to the test by engaging the public to vote for their favourite ideas! Find out who wins in the video below!

The results are not unexpected at all because as parents, protection always comes first!

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