Asia’s Top 10 Tallest Hotels

Everyone loves breath-taking view of stunning skylines! Here’s an infographic from that reveal really cool and fun facts about Asia’s top ten tallest hotels.

For example, do you know that standing at almost half a kilometre high, the tallest hotel in the Asia is the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong? Or that you can actually see both Indonesia and Malaysia from the 70th floor of the tallest hotel in Singapore—Swissotel the Stamford?

Whether it is sipping on your morning coffee while watching the sunrise, winding down with a cocktail after a busy day or simply watching the street lights illuminate the city at dusk, you can be guaranteed that these hotels will provide the most spectacular panoramic views during your stay there.

If you think one of these stunning skyscrapers might hold the right room for your next vacation, most of them are available on Remember to share with us your experience in the comments section!

AspirantSG - Asia's 10 Tallest Hotels

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  1. I’ve got kids, I want a hotel with a pool 🙂 Still, some of the pics you have there make these hotels look impressive.

    • asiaroomscommunity

      Hey, most of these hotels come with the pools, but they might not be the rooftop ones:)

      • AspirantSG

        Thank you so much for replying on my behalf! Your infographic made me wanna travel again!

  2. Joseph Solares

    I have been to the Stamford. Just for a drink. Amazing place. All of Singapore is amazing. The public transport via air conditioned subway is brilliant.

  3. Singa BoredSG

    Great review and info! 😉


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