World’s First ANGRY BIRDS WORLD Qatar Welcomes You & Your Family

The world’s first ANGRY BIRDS WORLD Qatar entertainment park has opened its doors to residents and visitors, transforming the classic bird-flinging game into a cluster of high-octane attractions designed to entertain every member of the family. Located in Qatar’s largest fashion, dining and entertainment destination, Doha Festival City, the 17,000 sq.m park comprises an indoor space of 6,500 sq.m for you and your family to explore! 

ANGRY BIRDS WORLD Qatar – The Concept

Inspired by the popular digital game, the park offers its visitors a heart-pounding experience with many attractions such as the Blast Bomb – a drop and twist tower that features free-fall motion from a height of 11 metres, or Red Alert where visitors are hurled into an exhilarating 360-degree spin. 

ANGRY BIRDS WORLD is a new addition to Qatar’s expanding urban and family entertainment offering, which tourism officials have marked as a priority in a five-year strategy designed to diversify visitor source markets. Qatar’s entertainment portfolio includes a range of exciting festivals, celebrating everything from food and shopping to music and comedy. The country’s longest nation-wide festival – Qatar Summer Festival – kicks off this June in tandem with the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018, with fan zones in venues and hotels across the country designed to give a taste of what is to come in 2022 when Qatar hosts the FIFA World Cup.

ANGRY BIRDS WORLD Qatar – Key Attractions

One of the park’s uniquely impressive attractions is the Big Tree, which offers both children and adults a fun edutainment experience encompassing science, music and art. For adventure junkies, the tree also houses “Own the Sky”, a 106-metre zip line that allows participants to cut through the air at rip-roaring speeds. Visitors can also test their physical strength with “Fierce Flight” – an incredible ropes course challenge. 

Simo Hämäläinen, Senior Vice President, Brand Licensing at Rovio Entertainment, commented: “Our new world-class attraction based in Qatar is another clear demonstration of the global appeal of the Angry Birds brand. Rovio’s current licensing roadmap is strongest to date, bringing great new ways for our fans to enjoy Angry Birds. The brand’s future looks bright and is being spearheaded with the theatrical release of The Angry Birds Movie 2 in September 2019.” 

ANGRY BIRDS WORLD constitutes one of the four major entertainment parks that are introduced by Trimoo and set to open at Doha Festival City, located along Al Shamal Road. Upon completion, the unique entertainment destination will be home to –  SNOW DUNES™ – the country’s first indoor snow park set in an ancient Arabian village; VIRTUOCiTY™ – the region’s first dedicated digital gaming and entertainment hub; and JUNIVERSE™ – the world’s first city in space that aims to inspire and entertain children.


Blast BombIt’s going to be one heart-pounding experience as you get catapulted through the air on one of the park’s most thrilling attractions! This explosive drop and twist ride slowly rises up to 11m. Pay attention to the sound while you ascend, it will feel like the stretch of the elastic. Then, just as the ride reaches its apex the tension will release, and boom! The ride will plummet towards the ground, wreaking piggy destruction just the way Bomb does!
Red AlertWelcome to Red’s mini dance party. But, wait! It’s not all fun and dance. This iconic thrill ride will take you to the very edge with its spinning, twisting, cavorting trip of red-hot rage. It’s just as though Red has spotted a hog edging towards the nest and lost the plot, so best keep out of his way unless you’re feeling brave.
Bouncing BluesAll aboard! It’s time to fly the coop with the fantastic fun-loving triplets, The Blues. Younger visitors will love flying along on this swooping, gliding roundabout attraction, with the most mischievous members of the flock right by their side. Don’t be tricked by their cuteness, for this jet ride is like no other.
Pirate CoastBumper cars with a twist! The Birds and Hogs clash in this Pirate-inspired adventure. Board your very own boat-themed dodgems and take to the high seas, where the battle between the enemies is as fierce as it gets. Shoot other players with an IR beam placed in front of your car that sends them spinning for a few seconds. It’s a wild romp for guests of all ages.
Angry Birds GO!If the game was fun, this real-life go karting racing experience will leave your heart pounding in exhilaration. The iconic cars and tracks from Angry Birds Go! have been brought to life in an outrageous downhill thrill go kart ride! The attraction is so true to the original that you’ll get to power-up by driving over active strips that boost your speed or slow you down. It’s the world’s first outdoor and indoor kart track, and the region’s first multi-level track, that will definitely set pulses racing.
Angry BirdiesFor the park’s youngest visitors, this interactive kid’s play area will be the space to spread their wings. And who better to keep the little ones company than the youngest of the flock, the Angry Birdies? This soft play area is teeming with children’s activities, allowing them to explore a gamut of interactive games.
Epic BattleIf you were hooked on to Angry Birds Epic, this will blow your mind. Relive the epic battle between bird and hog over and over in this fun-filled laser tag game of cannons, and carousing good fun.
Trampoline UniverseIt’s time to go crazy on this 1,300 square metre of bouncing madness. The Trampoline Universe has something for everyone – perhaps you could show off a slam dunk at the basketball court, do a trust fall on the foam pit or simply watch your family and friends squeal with laughter as they jump and spring on one of the most extreme trampolines in Qatar.


Name Description
Willow’s Art StudioLet your little ones learn the basics of art from none other than the maestro herself. Willow will teach our guests how to make the most of their creative tendencies at her Art Studio. You and your kids can paint, paste, cut and decorate to your heart’s content, and make something beautiful to take home with you.
Gale’s Glamour SchoolThe most glamorous of the flock Gale is excited to impart tips and tricks on makeup. Fly down to her school, and go crazy with her selection of styling tools. Think Angry Birds branded fingernails, splashes of glitter and a hairdo that will make heads turn!
Poppy’s Music AcademyThe prankster of the flock – Poppy is on a mission to drop the beat! So get your fingers grooving as you learn to play and make musical instruments. Grab a tambourine, a guitar, violin or xylophone and discover a playful melody.
Dahlia’s Science LabDo you want to discover a secret chemical combination that produces a ton of fun? Unlock the wonders of science at Dahlia’s Lab through mind-boggling experiments and technology with the gadget geek herself – Dahlia!
Own the SkyHead over to our Roll Glider for a new adrenaline experience. After harnessing up, you will launch yourself across the zip line, pretty much like an angry bird. And while you glide away in glory, take a moment to look down and enjoy stunning bird-eye views of the theme park.
Fierce Flight TreeBuckle up tight and get ready for a one-of-a-kind flight. This ropes course is the ultimate test of your strength. Get ready to face a series of exhilarating challenges and obstacles as you race against your friends and families on this incredible ropes course.


Raft BattleThis is one boat ride you better not miss. The Raft Battle attraction pays tribute to the journey that the birds take from Bird Island to Piggy Island in the movie. The rafts themselves are armed with manually operated water blaster guns, so be ready to be drenched in fun as you make the treacherous trip across the high seas.
The BeachDig your hands into the beautiful golden sands at The Beach. Spend a sunny summer’s day building sand castles and generally soaking in the wonderful atmosphere. Themed straight out of the motion picture, the beach lets little ones enjoy sand play activities while their chaperones have a cool off at the Bird Feeder.
The Bird BathSoak in the fun at our outdoor beach. Grab a cooler, and unwind like a boss. As for your little ones, we have a variety of water games and activities to keep them delightfully busy.
Super SlingshotIt’s hard to miss this imposing structure, which also happens to be the most famous feature of the game.

Home to the park’s ultimate thrill, The Super Slingshot puts you in the shoes of the Flock as you get catapulted 60 metres into the air in this riveting slingshot ride.

Angry CoasterBuckle yourself tight on this mighty coaster. This Disk’O is a furious and fascinating thrill ride that twists through the air, as you scream in exhilaration.
City StudioFeel the adrenaline rush as you venture into the park’s jaw-dropping City Studio. It’s the best place to release your energy by pushing yourself beyond your limits. Hop onto the Roller Glider, featuring a 106-meter zip line that allows participants to cut through the air at dizzying speeds. Or, sign up for a rip-roaring challenge as you scale through an interactive climbing wall. Or, experience the thrill of a free fall on our parabolic slide.

ANGRY BIRDS WORLD Qatar – In Numbers

  • World’s 1st Angry Birds World entertainment park
  • Over 20 high-quality thrilling rides
  • Over 17,000 sq.m of mad fun
    • 6,500sq.m – indoor | 10,500sq.m – outdoor
  • Trampoline Park – 1,300 sq.m
  • Roller Glider – 106m long
  • Super Slingshot Tower
    • 42m high | capsule can reach 60m high
  • 1st indoor/outdoor karting track in the world
    • 1st multi-level karting track in the region
    • 261m track length | 11 Go Karts
  • Over 70 arcade games
  • How about snagging450 sq.m retail area
  • Refuel on the goMore than 7 Food & Beverage options

ANGRY BIRDS WORLD Qatar – Connect With Them! 

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