ANDSOFORTH Presents The Karl Experience Secret Dinner

When we first received an invitation from ANDSOFORTH, we were really confused. Are we being invited to a dining experience or a theatre play? It turns out to be both! The creative folks behind ANDSOFORTH create series of theatrical feasts immersed around stories, drama and…secrets. We were told that we would be presented their latest secret dinner themed ‘The Karl Experience’ that’s premiering on 19 August. Are you ready to find out more about this feast?

ANDSOFORTH Secret Dinners Singapore - AspirantSG

Here’s how the secret dinners work. After securing their tickets online, diners have absolutely no idea where the dinner is going to and what they would be having.They would only be informed of a meeting location on the day of the feast where their playful hosts have laid strategic clues along the way to guide them to the final venue. After the feast, diners are bound to secrecy. They are now co-conspirators – nothing shall be divulged of the merrymaking and the hideaway.

AndSoForth The Experiment Dinner Secrets Singapore - AspirantSG

Influenced by the underground dining sub-culture in London, Stuart Wee and Emily Png are the founders behind this pop up restaurant specialising in fusing art & dining in non-linear experiences.

Stuart Wee and Emily Png Founders Of ANDSOFORTH Singapore - AspirantSG

Hoping to change the dining scene in Singapore, these dynamic duo materialised whimsical and whacky self-written scripts and concepts by gathering animated, energetic and zealous individuals with a desire to express themselves.

AndSoForth The Experiment Dinner Singapore - AspirantSG

The ANDSOFORTH creative team includes actors, set designers, chefs, costume designers, illustrators, copywriters, scriptwriters/producers, lighting designers, sound scape artists who conspire to create immersive dining experiences in Singapore.

ANDSOFORTH The Heist Secret Dinner Singapore - AspirantSG

Introducing The Karl Experience

A showcase of a time traveller from the future, The Karl Experience dives headfirst into the imagined year of 2070, where materials have gone scarce and a frustrated fashion designer seeks gratification by returning to the past to create his works, fusing future technology and the materials of the present!

Referencing retro vogue, cyberpunk, futuristic avant-garde and works by Hussein Chalayan. The space will offer a fantasised view of the technological advances of the future, exploring the use of mechanics, lighting in fashion and experimenting with science in plating food.

The Karl Experience beckons those with the artistic vision to come on a collision of past, present and future worlds. To partake in an expedition and exploration of futuristic proportions. Only the intrepid need apply. Pledge your allegiance to the antiestablishment, a brave new world awaits.

ANDSOFORTH The Karl Experience Singapore - AspirantSG

Get Your Tickets

The Karl Experience premieres August 19th, running every Wednesday to Saturday throughout the month. Doors open at 7pm and starts at 7:30pm.

Tickets are on sales now. Visit the ANDSOFORTH website to purchase online.

Wednesday & Thursday: S$98 per person

Friday & Saturday: S$108 per person

Ticket price includes a four course molecular inspired dining experience.

Customised cocktails, wine and lager for the Lagerfelds are available at an additional cost.

ANDSOFORTH Doctored Egg Dish Singapore - AspirantSG

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