ANA Tastes Of Japan – Savour Akita, Saitama & Shimane Delicacies Onboard ANA

From September to November 2016, ANA will be offering you local fare from the Akita, Saitama and Shimane prefectures, Japan! Since its launch in 2013, this is the 13th time that Tastes of JAPAN programme has refreshed its in-flight menus and offerings at various airport lounges to showcase regional beverages and cuisines from Japan’s lesser-known prefectures to ANA passengers. The programme aims to drive tourism to Japan and stimulate local economies through promoting regional agricultural products.


You will be thrilled to know what’s in store for you onboard ANA from September to November 2016!

1. Akita Prefecture

International Business Class flights will feature Hinai- jidori chicken – revered as one of Japan’s three tastiest local chicken brands, served in the classic Akita specialty of kiritanpo nabe (skewered mashed rice hot pot). In October, customers at the “DINING h” restaurant inside the ANA SUITE LOUNGE at Haneda Airport can enjoy beef filet and foie gras sauté with “Fukura” French toast in blueberry sauce. Fukura refers to a spicy French toast version of cake made from Akita tofu, which pairs immaculately with the meat sauté and vegetable side.


2. Saitama Prefecture

This November, the “DINING h” restaurant at the ANA SUITE LOUNGE at Haneda Airport will offer “Musashi wheat-fed pork loin” from Saitama Prefecture, fried in onions and ginger. A delicacy of late fall, this pork is renowned for its delectable balance of rich red and sweet fatty meat. Also served at the ANA SUITE LOUNGE at Haneda and Narita Airports is gourmet onion bread made with “Hanamanten” brand wheat grown in Saitama – kneaded with onions, black pepper and coarse-grained green pepper, then baked to a scrumptious finish.


3. Shimane Prefecture

Served on International First Class flights, savour the light and tender texture of fried tilefish caught in Shimane Prefecture, paired with sautéed abalone and flavored with garland chrysanthemum puree and olive oil. In September, the “DINING h” restaurant inside the ANA SUITE LOUNGE at Haneda Airport will feature rockfish harvested from the waters of Shimane prefecture, prepared in a sauce of seaweed salt from the Hamada region. The rich fatty meat of the rockfish is fried to a mouth-watering finish in mellow salty sauce marketed under the Hamamori brand.


Airport Lounges: Japanese Sake Corner

As part of Tastes Of Japan, you can also sample Japanese sake and shochu, the ‘Kokushu’ or national spirits of Japan, when you fly with ANA at their airport lounges in Haneda, Narita and Kansai Airports.

We hope we have whet your appetite for Japanese delicacies onboard ANA flights and airport lounges. To find out more about Taste Of Japan, please visit their official English website

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