Cozy Up Your Home With Ambi Climate This Christmas – Now Google Home Integrated Too!

The favourite time of the year is here again! There is no better time to bond with loved ones over the festive season and Ambi Labs, the makers of smart AI-enabled air-conditioner (AC) control, Ambi Climate, has made it possible to make your home even cosier with their latest feature: Google Home Integration! Chosen as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Smart Home category, it is amazing how this sleek device can optimise your home temperature to just the way you and your loved ones like it! 

Ambi Climate – The Brains Behind The Product

Ambi Labs is an IoT startup founded and headquartered in Hong Kong. Inspired by the concept of “Ambient Intelligence”, the company believe that truly smart technology is intuitive and seamless; fading into the background and augmenting the user’s lifestyle. For them, the promise of IoT can only be fully realized through the application of A.I. – many IoT devices today inundate the user with data and only allow simple, rule-based control. By harnessing A.I. they are able to unlock the insights from the data and offer delightfully intelligent appliances. 

Founded in 2012, Ambi Labs has grown from 3 founders to a diverse team of 40 members comprising of like-minded individuals who share a common vision augmenting everyday household objects with intuitive, useful, and usable technology. They command a strong maker ethos, with much of the core team originally from Dim Sum Labs, the hackerspace in Hong Kong.

Ambi Climate – Recognition From CES Innovation Awards

An annual competition honouring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products, CES Innovation Awards’ panel of judges comprise designers, engineers and members of the tech media. These judges review submissions based on design, functionality, consumer appeal, engineering and how the products compare with the competition.

Ambi Climate awarded as Honoree in the Smart Home category clearly shown that it is a premium product that scores above the threshold set for the smart home category.

Ambi Climate – Latest Google Home Integration Enhancement

Expanding this unique Smart Home experience, Ambi Climate has now introduced its latest enhancement – a Google Home integration – joining a growing list of benefits aiming to simplify air conditioning control and improving users’ comfort and lifestyle. 

This new addition puts voice control centre stage, streamlining AC usage for the whole family with Custom Action and Multi-user Control capabilities, and is available on all Google devices; all you need to do is use simple voice commands to effortlessly improve and manage conditions at home, making the connected, automated Smart Home a reality.

“CES is the world largest consumer tech show and to be recognized by them is a great validation of our continued efforts to improve our product,” says Julian Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Ambi Labs. “We believe that this new Google Home feature will be perfect for users are embracing the IoT revolution to better command their devices.” 

Alongside existing integrations with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, a comfort-centric AI engine and compatibility with over 1,200 air conditioner LCD-screen remotes, this is another step towards giving consumers an easy and accessible path to attain the latest in smart functionality.

Ambi Climate – Setting Up Google Home Integration

You just need a simple setup of Ambi Climate’s account to start controlling Ambi Climate using voice controls. This allows you to voice control your Ambi Climate in Comfort mode similar to the way users do on the app. This requires users to add “tell/ask Ambi Climate” and to specify a room. You can switch on to Comfort mode, give feedback and also switch off.

For more details on how to accurately set up and utilize the new Google Home Integration, please refer here.

Ambi Climate – Say Hello To Multi-user Control

Custom Action is also able to recognise the voice of the user. If you have set up your Google Home Assistant, you can share the device with your family members. As long as their phone is on the same WiFi network as that of the device, they will be able to search and link to it. Don’t forget to have them train their voice models!

Ambi Climate – Get Your Ambi 

Google Home Integration is available for all Ambi Climate devices, which are available on at SGD$199 and in local retail stores. To purchase your Ambi, find a retail store near you here.  

Ambi Climate will be on display in the Innovation Awards Showcase at the upcoming CES 2019. To learn more about the ways in which Ambi Labs is amplifying the intelligence of your smart home, visit

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