How Important Is Aircon Chemical Wash In Singapore?

With the hot weather in Singapore, air-conditioning has become a necessity in Singapore. Almost all households in Singapore have an air-conditioner to keep them cool every day. With the long usage, the units will start accumulating dust, dirt, bacteria and affecting the performance of the system.

To ensure your units are operating efficiently, it is necessary to service your units regularly. However, there are times where general aircon servicing is unable to improve the condition of your units. This is where aircon chemical wash is required. Wei Wei Aircon provides premium aircon chemical wash in Singapore, which require expertise and skills to be carried out. During the process, different components and parts of the air-conditioning will be washed with chemicals, removing the dirt and bacteria thoroughly. You will be shocked to see how dirty and harmful the air-conditioning is during the process. Chemical washing is essential in Singapore and it offers many benefits to the households.

Remove odour smell

Odour or foul smell is a common problem faced by households in Singapore due to the humid weather. This is often due to bacteria and mold that accumulate in the unit, resulting the unit to emit a bad smell during operation. With the humid weather in Singapore, this is a serious problem faced by common households. This problem can be solved by chemical washing the air-conditioning unit, which is effective in solving bad smell.

Remove blockage

One major process of chemical wash is to wash all the components with chemicals. This process is very crucial as many dirt substances will be stuck in the coil or other components in the aircon unit. Thus, it will clear all the dirt thoroughly in the system. Furthermore, the removal of the dirt in the system will clear any blockage which will prevent issues such as water leaking and other potential issues.

Cleaner and stronger air

There are times where your unit is blowing unhealthy and weak air, resulting in issues such as aircon not cold or smelly aircon. Thus, by washing your unit will result in a clean and strong airflow in your room, allowing you to enjoy cool air in your home or office. 

Prolong lifespan

With the professional aircon service from company in Singapore, it will ensure all the parts of your units are thoroughly chemically washed. This will also ensure your unit to work efficiently and smoothly. Air-conditioning works like any other machinery where regular cleaning will make your unit run for a long period. Thus, chemical wash will keep your unit clean and increase the durability of your unit, prolonging the lifespan your air-conditioner. 

Reduce electricity bills

When your unit is thoroughly washed, it will operate efficiently. Your unit will cool down the room efficiently, resulting in lower power consumption and electricity bills. Thus, you will be able to enjoy cool air in Singapore without incurring unnecessary higher electricity bills in your house or office.

It is important to get your air-conditioning washed by a professional, especially if you use your unit often. We hope that the information provided above will help you to understand the importance of maintaining your unit. There are many different brands including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic and more in Singapore, so make sure you engage a company that are well-trained in these brands and types of air-conditioner. 

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