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Sleep Wellness & Health: Conversation With Yvonne Loo, The Air Station

Have you ever contemplated the optimal duration of a good night’s sleep and the true essence of restful sleep cycles? Contrary to the common perception of these cycles as mere periods of inactivity, sleep plays a pivotal role in consolidating learning and memory, fostering enhanced daily performance, and promoting overall wellness. The importance of quality sleep cannot be overstated, as it directly influences concentration, responsiveness, decision-making, and emotional equilibrium. In a world where 95% of the global population grapples with health-related issues and 60% faces sleep difficulties, The Air Station (TAS) is set to revolutionalise the world of sleep with its transformative sleep solutions, and propelling the understanding of sleep health to new heights.

To delve deeper into this realm, we had a conversation with Yvonne Loo, Country Director SG of EASMED and The Air Station, to tell us more about sleep health.

How did your fascination with sleep wellness begin, leading you to become a pivotal figure in the field?

Yvonne Loo (YL): 15 years ago, I started my Sleep Wellness journey under EASMED, focusing on

Snoring and Sleep Apnea. When I began my sleep product training, I never anticipated the profound impact it would have on my life. After the first week of training, I realised quickly how sleep quantity and quality could impact physical health, mental well-being, and longevity. The turning point was when I used my my free employee sleep study on my mum, who showed symptoms of Sleep Apnea for over a decade. The results revealed moderate apnea, prompting immediate CPAP treatment. The transformation in her health ignited my mission to share sleep health knowledge with the medical community and the general population.

What drove the creation of The Air Station, and how does it cater specifically to the sleep needs of the general populace?

YL: TAS was created as a place to provide accurate sleep health information and products to not only those with sleep issues, but also for those who are seeking better sleep. TAS offers innovative and scientifically proven sleep wellness solutions, from general advice to medical-use sleep devices, presenting a tailored sleep approach.

Can you elaborate on the intricate connection between quality sleep and holistic wellness?

YL: The quantity and quality of sleep both play pivotal roles in mental and physical well-being. Adequate sleep is not merely about rest; it’s a catalyst for enhanced cognitive functions, emotional stability, and stress reduction. Prioritising and optimising sleep quality is a lifestyle choice and a personal investment in health, vitality, and productivity.

What recommendations does TAS provide for individuals to achieve optimal sleep duration and quality?

YL: Sleep deprivation involves symptoms like excessive daytime sleepiness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and weakened immunity. TAS offers practical recommendations for optimal sleep, including maintaining a consistent sleep-wake cycle, ensuring an optimised sleep environment, reducing screen time before bedtime, practicing mindful eating, engaging in regular exercise, managing stress and anxiety, and seeking professional consultation for persistent sleep difficulties.

Can you provide an inside look into TAS’s Sleep Experience Rooms and how they contribute to the overall customer experience? Share a success story where a customer’s experience in these rooms led to a transformative change in their sleep habits.

YL: The Sleep Experience Rooms offer customers a first-hand experience of the ideal sleep environment and product testing. We had a customer with high stress levels testing the Sleep Hub in our Sleep Experience Room, following which he found relief, experienced improved focus and energy – which led to his overall wellbeing. He then referred friends and colleagues.

Have you personally experienced the transformative benefits of TAS’s products, and if so, which product do you find impactful?

YL: My personal experience is with the Sleep Hub sleep speakers. It helps with a wide range of sleep challenges and is easy to use, backed by years of research and positive reviews. As a busy professional and a mother of twins, it helps me wake up refreshed and sustain alertness throughout the day.

How has EASMED’s clinical and scientific expertise shaped the products and resources offered at TAS?

YL: EASMED’s expertise in clinical and scientific evidence plays a crucial role in product sourcing. TAS leverages this expertise to ensure products meet clinical and scientific standards, continuing the legacy of building a trusted brand in the sleep industry.

TAS focuses on leveraging cutting-edge neuroscience and sound technology. How do these technologies retrain the brain for a superior sleep experience?

YL: TAS products, like the Sleep Hub, look at improving sleep quality through non-medication methods. The Sleep Hub utilises psychoacoustic sounds with sinusoidal waveforms, emulating optimal sleep cycles. These sounds guide the brain through healthy sleep cycles, resulting in easier falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up refreshed.

AYO Circadian Rhythm Trainer is highlighted as a pioneering Circadian Health Wearable. What is Circadian Health?

YL: Circadian rhythm is the body’s natural clock affected by external factors like sunlight. Circadian health impacts brain and body functions, including sleep, energy, mood, performance, metabolism, and the immune system. AYO glasses reset the circadian rhythm through phototherapy, simulating exposure to sunlight.

THIM Sleep Training Ring captures data from the finger for comprehensive sleep tracking. How does this approach provide more insightful sleep insights compared to conventional wrist-based trackers?

YL: THIM is more than just a sleep tracker. It includes sleep conditioning techniques for faster sleep and uses actigraphy to detect movements from the hand and finger, providing more accurate insights than conventional wrist-based trackers.

As a leader in sleep wellness, what emerging trends or innovations in the field do you find particularly promising for the future?

YL: TAS is poised for future innovations, with a dedicated focus on non-medication alternatives and actively seeking collaborative partnerships to drive advancements in the sleep innovation landscape. We observed a noticeable trend in the evolution of sleep health, witnessing a shift from conventional sleep medications to a heightened interest among consumers in non-medication options, including innovative devices and holistic approaches. Anyone seeking to enhance their sleep quality can turn to us for scientifically and medically proven solutions, making TAS the go-to destination for comprehensive sleep health services.

Visit The Air Station at #01-54 Novena Square 2, or their website:

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