8 Ways How Knocknock Takes The Pain Out Of Dirty Laundry

Everyone agrees that laundry over the weekends can be quite a chore. Many of us spend at least half a day catching up on a week’s worth of washing and ironing. Don’t you wish you can get all your laundry done with just a snap of your fingers and spend your weekends doing quality things that really matters. Well, KnocKnock heard you.

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Knocknock: Dry Cleaning and Laundry to Your Door is a Singapore-based laundry and dry cleaning service that allows you to put up your laundry order via their App or Website (so simple that it can be done within 20 seconds). Their team of well-trained Woodpeckers (staffs) will then come to collect your laundry at your doorstep and deliver back to you at no additional charges (with minimal order of $20)! No wonder Knocknock is the No.1 On-Demand Dry-Cleaning & Laundry App in Singapore!

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Before we go into the nitty-gritty of its operations, here’s 5 ways how Knocknock App takes the pain out of dirty laundry:

1. Major Time Saver

Our weekends are precious. Having slogged through the entire week at work, most of us would want to spend time with our loved ones or do something meaningful that we really enjoy. Tugging your laundry to your usual laundry shop is definitely not one of them. Worse still if you have to make a trip down to your neighbour laundromat, queue in line and waste more time waiting for your laundry to be ready.

Knocknock allows you to consolidate your weekly laundry load, arrange for a collection time and place at your convenience and have your clothes delivered back to you in 5 working days. How does that sound for an awesome weekend?

2. No More Working Around Shop Opening Hours

Being able to schedule your collection and delivery through Knocknock’s app or website means that you can finally say ‘Goodbye’ to arranging your weekends around the laundry shop operating hours, which usually close before 7pm during weekdays or close on weekends. Good grief to that!

Knocknock is available both online and offline, 7 days a week, between 9am – 9pm daily! You just need someone to be at home during collection and delivery.

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3. Quality Assured While Supporting Local Businesses 

You can be assured of clean laundry with every order. Knocknock adheres to a rigorous 6-step Quality Control Process and handpicked local dry cleaners with more than 30 years of experience. Doesn’t it feel good knowing that you are doing your part to help local businesses?

Laundry Quality Assured With Knocknock - AspirantSG

4. Better Bang For Your Bucks

Laundry shirt only starts from $2.90, Knocknock offers laundry and dry cleaning services at factory direct prices and you are not paying for rental overheads compared to your usual laundry shop. With Knocknock, you get to save up to 30% of your usual cost.

With different prices created to meet diverse demands for you, you now get more bang for your hard-earned money!

5. They Clean Almost Anything

One of the most amazing thing about Knocknock is their ability to take in all sorts of items that your usual laundry shop would probably say no to. That includes winter wear, soft toys and accessories to bulky items such as heavy curtains and large carpets that are so damn difficult to get out of the house even if there is someone willing to accept them.

Knocknock Cleans Almost Anything - AspirantSG

6. Finally …. Cashless & Paperless 

Beat the trouble of finding coins for the washing machines at laundromat when you switch to Knocknock. You get to choose from Credit cards, Debit cards or even PayPal and make direct payment through the app. Go green!

Go Cashless and Paperless With Knocknock - AspirantSG

7. No More WTF Moments

Knocknock boast the lowest incident rate in town at 0.2% – 0.3% compared to the local industrial rate of 0.6%-0.7%. They will tackle any stain, any item, and it is offer FREE re-wash, per your request.

Furthermore, all laundry items sent to Knocknock are covered by insurance. You simply need to report damaged or missing items immediately at [email protected] upon delivery. Estimated investigation and verification process will take around 7 days. Once confirmed, the compensation will be made based on International Fair Claims Guide for Consumer Textile Products. There will be no chance for WTF moments because Knocknock is the first in Singapore to follow an international compensation plan.

8. Get Rewarded For Your Successful Life Hack

The best part of using Knocknock? You actually get rewarded for taking steps to make your life better. You get rewards when you top-up or by just sharing Knocknock with your friends! We have just gotten news that Knocknock now gives out NTUC LinkPoints too!

There are lots of periodic promotions and discounts made available for Knocknock customers. Make sure you visit knocknockapp.com regularly to check out the latest perks!

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Knocknock Works In 3 Simple Steps

Convinced to come onboard Knocknock? Let’s get you started by downloading the app (iOS or Android) and registering your personal account before we proceed with the 3 simple steps.

Download Knocknock App Singapore - AspirantSG

Step 1: Request Pickup (Any day of the week)

Yes, we know asking for Collection Details upfront may come as a surprise but the good folks at Knocknock have it all planned out. State your preferred collection location, date, time and you will be guided to the next step where you can select your laundry items.

Knocknock Collection - AspirantSG

Step 2: Select Your Items

Other than your usual shirt, pants, jackets and dresses items, you will be happy to know that they take in Accessories and Toys too at very reasonable price!

Knocknock Cleans At Affordable Prices - AspirantSG

Step 3: Confirm Order 

Submit your confirmed order and wait for collection! Normal orders will have a turnover period of 5 working days.

Knocknock Order Confirmation - AspirantSG

Special Perks for AspirantSG Readers!

We are thrilled to offer $5 off for you and your friends experience Knocknock from now till 31 July 2016! Simple input promocode ‘aspirantsg5’ during your check out!

Go on, give Knocknock a try. We bet you would be just as hooked on its convenient and dependable service as we are! Do follow Knocknock on their Facebook & Twitter too.

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