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Top Location in Singapore to Shoot Pre-Wedding Photos and Video

Are you planning your ideal shoot in Singapore? Well, it seems nothing can be more important for the amazing pre-wedding shoot than the location. Even if you’ve used the same camera and equipment, depending on what place you choose to shoot in, you’ll get totally different concepts and the atmosphere that appeared in your photos due to the different colors, light, architecture, etc. Especially in Singapore, such a colorful city, full of gorgeous backdrops where inspiration can be caught at nearly every corner! 

To assist you in choosing the pre-wedding shoot locations, we’ve selected the most popular, unusual, and beautiful places in Singapore that can perfectly fit any concept you’re to maintain in your shoot! Along with that, we’ll cover the practical tips of choosing the photo and video editing software that is a must-use for any pre-wedding shoot! 

Let’s get this started! 

Where to Make a Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore?

So, let’s first learn about the most amazing yet creative ideas for a wedding shoot. Keep in mind that along with the backdrop, you should consider the light, weather (if matters), and other critical factors that may influence the quality of the shoot. However, if something goes wrong at the last minute, don’t panic: it’s still possible to save the situation with professional photo or video editing software!

1. IKEA’s Unusual Background

IKEA, Jysk, or any other large store that features fancy, cute, or theme-based products can be a really nice place for a creative pre-wedding shoot! And we’re more than sure: we can hardly find anyone who actually did it… IN A STORE! This location can not only be a great surprise for a couple but also offers plenty of ideas to create interesting and dynamic photos! Additionally, it can provide a homely yet intimate feeling and allow couples to interact more with a camera!

Pro Tip: Let them naturally talk to each other to make the shoots more natural and capture their emotions at the moment. 

2. Coney Island

Located off Punggol island, this place is a favorite one for bridal couples, as it has a romantic atmosphere and features a picturesque view with its majestic combination of wood and water. The location works just perfect for the couples who want to take more portrait photos and need the main focus on their silhouettes and after – those decorations on a background. 

Pro Tip: On windy days, it’s better to edit the content of your pre-wedding shoot with popular photo and video editing software like Shotcut, Lightworks, FXhome, etc. 

3. Haji Lane

If the bridal couple likes more dynamic and creative shots outdoors and doesn’t want to follow a classic black-and-white dress code, the famous location of Haji Lane can work best for them! Once an empty street full of the old pre-war houses, it now has transformed into a colorful place full of brandy boutiques, fancy cafes, and fashionable restaurants. The rows of streets are painted with lively pictures that make nearly anyone turn on their imagination and create a set of unique shots there! 

Pro Tip: It’s better to choose the working days to arrange a pre-wedding shoot at this location since it might be a little bit noisy due to the large popularity of this location among tourists. However, if your video shoots still have some other offscreen voices or sounds recorded, you can easily remove them with a video editor online!

4. Seletar Road

Having mentioned Seletar, the only thing people remember is the Upper Seletar Reservoir. In fact, this place has a lot of interesting yet beautiful locations worth visiting, especially to make a pre-wedding photo and video shoot: the place is steeped with the hipster’s atmosphere! Being tucked away in the corner of Singapore, this location can literally make you lose the feel of the time and take you back to the 1970s in the United States! 

Pro Tip: Offer the bridal couple to pick up the thematic-based dresses to make the shoots look closer to those times. Also, it’s a nice idea to add hipster music (like Beatles) to your pre-wedding videos, which in fact, can be done in a few minutes with the right video software. 

5. Punggol Jetty Park 

Punggol, also known as Punggol Waterway Park and Punggol Lalang Field, is located in the most northeastern part of Singapore and is famous for its majestic landscapes. It’s a nice location with perfect natural lighting and soft tendrils that is sure to amaze any bridal couple who needs more simplicity and less visual and sound effects. Enchanted by the pure feeling of romance and unusual vibes, you’ll get the shots penetrated with the lights of every sunset or sunrise. And we can assure you: any of these will be different from the ones you’ve seen before!

Pro Tip: Use the warm filters when editing the pre-wedding photos and videos to make the most of the calming atmosphere of this place. If you’re also editing a video related to this celebrational shoot, you can add the couple’s favorite music track with professional video software. 

6. Little India 

Little India in Singapore is one of Singapore’s most colorful corners known for its specific aura, yellow roadside stalls, nice buildings, and amazing foods! 

Such an energetic place, always full of the hustle and bustle that appears from nearly anywhere, can easily help your couple discover the foreign culture and find something completely new for their shoots. Additionally, it plays as a really nice background for the astonishing and unique photos, as well as creative video stories! 

Last but not least, this shoot can become a memorable part of any couple’s wedding!

Pro Tip: Feel free to play with colors in this location, as this is one of the core features of this place you can really make use of! Or else, it’s a nice idea to create a bridal couple video, catching their first emotions when visiting such an extraordinary place for the shoot. 

Best Practices for a Wedding Shoots

Additionally, let’s briefly review the best practices of arranging a professional pre-wedding shoot to avoid the common mistakes in this scope:

  • Always focus on the bride and groom
  • Ask them for natural interaction with each other and take the shots at the sincerest moments
  • Try different perspectives, move around and try to take dynamic photos – the most candid and memorable, like running shots
  • Play with daylight by taking the shots at different periods of the day
  • Mind the sunlight: in Singapore, it’s a huge benefit!     

Final Word

Having decided to make a pre-wedding shoot in Singapore, it’s essential to plan the location ahead, with a thorough consideration of the time, weather, dressing, and other decorations to make even the most traditional pre-wedding photos more unusual and enchanting! With the right shooting equipment, professional photo and video software, as well as skills in wedding shooting, you’ll certainly succeed!

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