5 Lesser Known Attractions To Visit When In Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is home to a lot of famous tourist spots, with the Tower of Pisa being one of them. But if you want to take yourself off the beaten path and explore the lesser known Tuscany attractions, then this list is for you, drawn up in collaboration with Tuscany Untouched Tours. Maybe you just want to avoid the rush of tourists or really get to know Tuscany beyond the mainstream places, but exploring some of the less well-known areas of the region will surely allow you to do that. 

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1. Appreciate Masaccio’s Work

Tuscany was home to Masaccio, a relatively unknown 15th-century painter. When you take a trip to visit the Brancacci Chapel in Tuscany, you will be able to see one of Masaccio’s masterpieces, a series of frescos that are based on Biblical stories. It also has a bit of an interesting to it, as it is said that the frescos were supposedly commissioned to Masaccio’s master, but he had to leave so his apprentice was left to do the piece himself. By the time the master got back, his own apprentice was a master himself and even ended up mentoring his old master.

Another one of Masaccio’s works that you could visit is located at the Santa Maria Novella. It’s another fresco called ‘Trinity’ that has its own controversial history. The piece exhibits Masaccio’s unique use of perspective, to the point that it left viewers wondering if he had gouged a hole in the wall to create the effect. He didn’t.

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2. A Winter Wonderland

Tuscany may be well-known as a sight with rolling hills and warm sunshine, but if you end up visiting in the winter, the region boasts another quite surprising activity: skiing. Just head over to Mount Amiata and enjoy skiing the slopes. It may not be as world-class as other skiing destinations, but that also plays well for your benefit as you can get the villas at discounted prices because of this.

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3. Head Over To The Beach

Step away from the rolling hills and vineyards to enjoy some of Tuscany’s beaches. Granted, going to them isn’t free, but the free beaches can get a little too overcrowded. But the ones which you’ll have to pay for are generally worth it as they have great accommodations and facilities, including sun beds. Not all of Tuscany’s beaches are lovely, but once you find a good one you’ll probably never want to leave.

But there is a free beach in Tuscany that is such a gem, you’re amazed it’s even free in the first place. Cala Violina, also called Violin Cove, is named because it is said that walking on its sandy beaches creates a violin-like sand. It can take quite a bit of time and effort to get there, but it’s well worth it once you reach this beach in Maremma.

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4. The Bagno Vignoni Hot Springs

If you’re not much of a beach person, you may want to visit the natural hot springs in Bagno Vignoni. This can be found 30 minutes south west from Pienza, and relaxing in the thermal baths will be a great way to end your day of touring. You can also grab a bite at the town’s Piazza after you’re done soaking in the hot springs.

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5. Montemassi

A village north of Maremma, Montemassi has a medieval castle on its highest point. If that’s not amazing enough, the views from the castle are amazingly panoramic and can give you more than just a glimpse of the views of the surrounding valleys. The village itself is stunning, and adding this village to your list will be worth it once you get to enjoy the views that it offers.

We hope we have interested you to step out of the usual touristy routes and visit these 5 less known but equally interesting attractions in Tuscany, Italy.

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