3 Luxury Beach Destinations That Will Make Your Vacation Unforgettable

Are you looking for an escape? Whether you’re searching for a break from work, relief from the stress of everyday life, or simply want your next family vacation to be one for the photo books – a luxury beach is a perfect destination. Luxury beaches offer everything you need for a picture-perfect vacation. From things to do for the whole family to ideal settings for the solo voyager, you can always find something for everyone. The following are three highly recommended luxury beaches from around the world:

1. Find Paradise in Mykonos

Greece’s Mykonos beaches are known for their golden sand and crystal clear waters, making them a desirable location for anyone searching for an escape to paradise. Whether it’s just you, or you’re bringing along the whole family, these Mykonos beaches have plenty to offer:

– Family-friendly Platis Gialos is the perfect location for a mix of fun and comfort for all ages. From mini markets to inflatable platforms for the kids, this beach has everything your family needs.

– Join the party at Paradise Beach, a must-have experience for anyone under 30 looking to hit the dance floor and move to the music at this beach’s numerous bars or clubs.

– Rest and relax at Super Paradise Beach, one of the most serene beaches Mykonos has to offer. Travel through the country’s boulder-strewn landscape on your way to true relaxation on this beach.

No matter which location you choose for your vacation, there are many Mykonos villas that are right by the beach where you and your family can stay. These are located all around the island, so you’re sure to find one that you can reside in.

2. Explore the Exotic Azores

The Azores is beautiful and dramatic, nestled in Portugal with sweeping beaches and breath-taking views. The rich wildlife gives this beach an almost rainforest-like feeling, with unpredictable landscapes and weather consistently changing to keep your sense of adventure alive. Be sure to bring your camera, because there will be virtually limitless photo opportunities.

As you explore, be sure to take a break in one of the natural thermal baths or hot springs to relax and rejuvenate. Then, when you’re ready, hop on a boat the see the awe-inspiring views the Islet off Vila Franco do Campo has to offer or check out one of the surf beaches. As you settle in for the day, take advantage of the deliciously fresh catch of the day, offered by many of the beach’s quality chefs.

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3. Dive into the Pristine Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean as part of Southern Asia, the Maldives are known for their beautiful waters, making them the perfect setting for diving opportunities. With thousands of species of fish and diverse sea life and corals to explore and admire, this island is an ideal location for an unforgettable adventure. Dive in or snorkel on your own, with a significant other or the whole family – there are classes and opportunities available for everyone, from the first-time beginner to the seasoned diver.

When you’re done, enjoy the tropical climate while discovering local culture on one of the various islands. Influenced by a mix of South Indian, Sinhalese and Arab, the Maldives is full of art, music and cuisine that is sure to satisfy. Get some rest at the end of the day by staying in a luxury resort that sits right on the beach facing the lagoon, and wake up ready to beautiful views to do it all again.

Plan Your Getaway

Whether exploration tempts you or a relaxing day spent reading on the sand, there is a luxury beach waiting for you. Plan your next getaway today and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

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