Top 25 Hot Fitness Babes In Singapore To Follow On Instagram

Fitness in Singapore is not just a guy thing. There are loads of gals out there who are into fitness and sports like weights, yoga, pilates right down to pole dancing. Other than keeping fit and healthy, these ladies have also trained their way to a fabulous body that’s sizzling hot! Here’s our pick of Top 25 Hot Fitness Babes In Singapore To Follow On Instagram to get you inspired for a fitter and healthier you. You may also want to check out our list of 25 Hot Girls From Singapore Campus To Follow On Instagram too! Happy gramming

1. @bmbshxll

A photo posted by Regina Zilin Tan? (@bmbshxll) on

2. @liquidsunrise

3. @jitterhaps

A photo posted by Charlene Tan (@jitterhaps) on

4. @bethiawee

5. @kelynlau

A photo posted by Kelyn Lau (@kelynlau) on

6. @siminlovecheer

7. @thefitbean

A photo posted by J E N (@thefitbean) on

8. @gladys80

A photo posted by Gladys (@gladys80) on

9. @nattylifts

10. @caeunj

A photo posted by Caethrin Unjoto (@caeunj) on

11. @alethiatoh

A photo posted by Alethia Toh (@alethiatoh) on

12. @caxs

A photo posted by ? C A X * S (@caxs) on

13. @livvlo

A photo posted by Liv Lo (@livvlo) on

14. @sylviadrenalin

15. @jasminethecheerleader

16. @minicolee

A photo posted by Nicole Lee (@minicolee) on

17. @clarice.xx

18. @kerrqi

A photo posted by @kerrqi on

19. @missvxlerie

20. @threedaysgrayce

21. @melissasarahwee

22. @4.98

A photo posted by FYONA W. (@4.98) on

23. @sugarrandspice

24. @meltan0304

25. @lee.inge

A photo posted by Ingelica Lee (@lee.inge) on

We are sorry if we left out many other hot fitness babes in Singapore. There is always a chance to be featured in later posts. Guys, do let us know other suggestions in the comments section below. You may also want to check out our list of 25 Beautiful Singapore Girls To Follow On Instagram too!

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  1. May Ramos

    I chanced upon – a social platform that connects people over health & fitness. It’s awesome to connect with other like-minded fitness men and women who are looking to live better and healthier lives, just like these instagram babes!

  2. christynhoang_fitnessbaby

  3. Syed Idrus

    You guys should search for Sheikha Nguyen on facebook..she works out at gymm boxx bedok point… she is a real hot fitness babe..hottest ever.. her exercise videos are amazing..really hope to see u guys feature her…


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