25 Cutest Dogs Instagram Account To Follow In Singapore

If you are a dog lover, Instagram is the perfect place to get your daily fill of the cutest dogs in Singapore. There’s every style of pet photography, from dogs posing with props, doing their daily walks to simply napping. We have tried our best to put together a good list showcasing a wide variety of breeds found in Singapore. Here’s our list of 25 Cutest Dogs Instagram Account To Follow In Singapore. If you love cats too, please visit our list of 25 Beautiful Cats Instagram Account To Follow In Singapore. Enjoy!

1. @corgiwithboots

Another selfie #sgdogs #sgcorgis #corgi #corgination #corginstagram #corgicommunity #corgisgonnacorg #corgisofinstagram

A photo posted by Cody the Corgi (@corgiwithboots) on

2. @bijou_poofypuff

Happy happy #tot from Witchy Poofy!??? Do you like my Halloween hat? Makes me look like Fairy God Poofy too, no? ?? #iamafairyandalsoawitch #justneedsomefairywings #tongueouttuesday #halloween #pumpkinandmouseonstandby

A photo posted by Bijou Le (Mini) Pomeranian (@bijou_poofypuff) on

3. @mangothesheltie

Happy #TongueOutTuesday! #MangoTheSheltie

A photo posted by Mango The Sheltie (@mangothesheltie) on

4. @ashley.bordercollie

TGIF! Hang in there, weekend's just round the corner! ????

A photo posted by ?Ashley The Border Collie ? (@ashley.bordercollie) on

5. @champagne_toypoodle

6. @codytheshetland

Monday mood… ?? Every Monday is the start of my countdown to weekends. ? #codytheshetland #SpecyCody

A photo posted by Cody The Shetland (@codytheshetland) on

7. @sirtobyy

8. @zappy_sheltie

9. @daradeexplorer

10. @teddy_theshiba

Gotcha flirting with another dog. Mum I'm watching you, I'm watching you!

A photo posted by Teddy (@teddy_theshiba) on

11. @kodyandkai

12. @cookie.thepom

I heard its #Nationaldogday in the US. Let's go around and share the love #?

A photo posted by Cookie クッキー (@cookie.thepom) on

13. @goldenthecockerspaniel

14. @kenzothepoodle

15. @cottonthemaltese

16. @f4llenangel

Can you play fetch with me? ???? #caesarthesammy #samoyed #dog #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #ball #thursday #whitefurball

A photo posted by Caesar.The.Samoyed (@f4llenangel) on

17. @tashi_the_mini_schnauzer

18. @maxandbrady

Well Friday certainly took its own sweet time getting here.

A photo posted by JRT | CHH (@maxandbrady) on

19. @tripthedog

20. @sheltiesromeojuliet

"When I said I wanted to take a Sheltie sandwich photo, this was not what I had in mind guys…" #sheltiesromeojuliet

A photo posted by Romeo & Juliet (@sheltiesromeojuliet) on

21. @acevalentinelee

22. @kendallthemutt


A photo posted by Kendall (@kendallthemutt) on

23. @yogibearcorgi

24. @hachimonster.onyxbaby

GOOD MORNING, EVERYPAWDY! Haze doesn't seem too bad today?

A photo posted by Hachiko & Onyx (@hachimonster.onyxbaby) on

25. @rickymutton

Yup, look who's at the beach today, huh? #muttonoftheday #cooldog

A photo posted by ? Ricky Mutton ? (@rickymutton) on

We hope you enjoyed our choice of 25 Cutest Dogs Instagram Account To Follow In Singapore. Do share with us Instagram profiles of cute Singapore dogs in the comments section below too!

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  1. Maki the Shiba

    You missed out on Maki the Shiba Inu!

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  3. @jujuthechow

  4. Could Buii be included too?.he is a mongrel rescued from a factory but grew up very different from his siblings.
    More about Buii is on https://m.facebook.com/iloveBuii

  5. @secretagent_toto

  6. I am surprised Starhub dog @samforest_loolim and @hellopepi didn’t make it into the list.
    A little outdated, but here’s top ten most popular SG Instagram dogs in September 2015. Of course, the numbers have changed by now. – http://weliveinaflat.com/blog/popular-singapore-dogs-instagram/


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