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25 Adorable Corgis In Singapore To Follow On Instagram

It is not difficult to see why everyone love corgis – they are cute fluffy logs of fur with hearts of gold. What’s more, corgis are alert, intelligent and playful dogs which are very adaptable to new environments and highly sociable with folks across all age groups. There is an active community of corgis in Singapore and we were thrilled to see that most of them have their own personal Instagram profiles for us to get a glimpse into their daily flurry lives. We have round up 25 of some of the most adorable corgis in Singapore to follow on Instagram to bring a smile to your face every day! The featured corgi – Cody is Corgi No 25 so scroll down to see him in action (Instavideo). Enjoy!

1. Corgis In Singapore – @nuggiethecorgi

2. @sweet_potato_thief

3. @imrufflesthecorgi

A post shared by Ruffles (@imrufflesthecorgi) on

4. @suki.catori.lynn

5. Corgis In Singapore – @rorycorgibunz

A post shared by Rory (@rorycorgibunz) on

6. @oscar.thecorgi

7. @beaniebeanboo

A post shared by Beanie ? (@beaniebeanboo) on

8. @goldiethecorgi

9. @lexi_the_corgi

A post shared by Lexi ? (@lexi_the_corgi) on

10. Corgis In Singapore – @kira.lim.corgi

11. @cookie_da_corgi

12. @thestumpylegs

13. @corgianddachshund

14. @doudou_corgi

15. Corgis In Singapore – @nanookjazz

16. @momosauros

A post shared by MoMo (@momosauros) on

17. @yogibearcorgi

A post shared by Yogi (@yogibearcorgi) on

18. @speedydacorgi

A post shared by speedy (@speedydacorgi) on

19. @brunodrumstik

20. Corgis In Singapore – @yuri_thecorgi

21. @wolfy_brownie

22. @sodathecorgi

23. @fillow_corgi

A post shared by ?Fillow (@fillow_corgi) on

24. @starry.stella.corgi

25. Corgis In Singapore – @corgiwithboots

Keeping fit . Woof! #sgdogs #sgcorgis #corgination #corginstagram #corgicommunity #corgisgonnacorg #corgisofinstagram

A post shared by Cody the Corgi (@corgiwithboots) on

We hope you enjoyed our selection of some of the most adorable Instagram profiles of corgis in Singapore. The list is far from exhaustive so do share with us other worthy profiles in the comments section below. We will butt out literally with an adorable corgi pool dip video!

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