10 Most Popular School Holiday Destinations For Singaporeans

The month-long June school holidays are a great time for a longer trip with the family, but high demand often means inflated flight prices and hotel bills. Parents (and their wallets) deserve a break as much as their kids do this summer, so the travel experts at KAYAK.sg crunched the numbers to reveal the top 10 destinations for school holidays based on the average median price for travel between 1 and 30 June 2016 as well as when to book flights to the top 10 most popular school break destinations for maximum savings. Timing is important, as booking on the right day of the week can save travellers between 7% and 33%.

1. Bangkok, Thailand: Best value destination in Asia

Among the most popular June school holiday options, Bangkok is the all-around best value destination for both flights and four-star hotels. Round trip flights to the Land of Smiles in June cost S$187 on average and a four-star hotel stay averages S$133 per night. Travellers booking their flights on a Tuesday up to 15 weeks in advance can save up to 30%. On average, travellers pay S$155 when they book on a Tuesday, while those who book on a Monday pay S$222. June is a great month to visit the Thai capital: there are fewer tourists than at other times of the year and the heavy rains of the monsoon season won’t begin until later in the summer. In addition, many retailers participate in Thailand’s Amazing Grand Sale from 15 June to 15 August, offering discounts on clothes, jewellery and electronics.

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2. Bali, Indonesia: Tropical Island Paradise

Bali is well-known for its spectacular mountain scenery, beautiful beaches and trademark hospitality. Round trip flights to the tropical paradise in June cost S$229 on average and a four-star hotel stay averages S$210 per night. Travellers get to save up to 40% by booking their flights on a Wednesday. June is also the best time to visit Bali, as it is still the dry season with cooling weather that is slightly less humid. The island is a popular holiday destination for different types of travellers offering a wide range of activities – from relaxing spas for serenity-seekers to diving for the adventurous. Also, Bali is a great place to spend a family holiday due to its abundant choice of family attractions such as the Bali Zoo or the famous water park, Waterbom.

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3. Taipei, Taiwan: The Heart of Asia

Taipei is an exciting city that is famous for its street food, where many flock to their night markets to get a taste of their local xiao chi (little snacks). With Chinese, Japanese and Western influences in its cuisine and culture, Taipei is an eclectic and vibrant capital. Round trip flights to this exciting city in June cost S$322 on average and a four-star hotel stay is an affordable average of S$170 per night. Families should explore one of the city’s numerous historical attractions, shopping districts or amusement parks. More adventurous travellers should head to Taiwan’s mountains, oceans and beaches that are only an hour away from the city centre.

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4. Melbourne, Australia: Most affordable long-haul destination

According to KAYAK.sg’s research, the most affordable long-haul destination in the list is Melbourne, Australia. Despite the Land Down Under’s reputation for being an expensive travel destination, four-star hotels in Melbourne are only slightly more expensive than in Bangkok, averaging S$143 per night. Round trip flights to Melbourne cost S$584 on average, but travellers can save S$45 by booking on a Monday up to 20 weeks in advance for an average flight price of S$539. Melbourne’s winter temperatures in June (7-14 degrees Celsius) are a nice change from Singapore’s heat and humidity. Parents and their animal-loving kids can tap into their wild side by visiting the city’s excellent zoo and Sea Life Aquarium.

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5. Seoul, South Korea : City of the Future

From towering skyscrapers and neon lights to traditional Korean palaces and temples, Seoul is a fascinating mix of old and new. Being both fashion- and technology-forward, Seoul is recognised as a hub of business, culture and finance and is often called the City of the Future. Flights from Singapore to Seoul average S$604 while a four-star hotel stay averages at an affordable price of S$164 per night. By booking on a Sunday, travellers can also save up to 25%. Seoul is an ideal family holiday destination as it has one of the world’s best transport systems, making it a breeze for families to plan their itineraries to explore the city’s beautiful historic districts, indulge in shopping or taste the unique street food. For the best view of the city, travellers should head to N Seoul Tower, located on Namsan Mountain overlooking the city.

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6. Paris, France: Best value ultra long-haul destination

The City of Lights offers great value for a family summer sojourn. With flights averaging S$992 from Singapore and four-star hotels averaging S$324 per night in June, Paris is the most affordable ultra long-haul destination in the top 10. Travellers can save up to 20% by booking flights up to 20 weeks in advance on a Monday (average flight price S$866), versus booking on a Sunday (average flight price S$1076). In June, Paris comes alive with festivals and outdoor events like the Fete de la Musique and open-air film screenings in Parc de la Villette.

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7. London, United Kingdom: The cultural capital of the world

According to KAYAK.sg, the average flight price for a round trip to London is S$1069, with a night’s stay in a four-star hotel averaging S$302. Also, travellers can save up to 25%, if they book on a Friday rather than on any other day of the week. In the cultural capital of the world, there is plenty to see and experience. Families visiting in June will be able to witness The Queen’s Birthday Parade on June 11. On the same day, there is also the Fork to Fork Food Festival at Ark Franklin Primary Academy, a family-friendly charity event started by restaurateurs Thomasina Miers and Laura Harper-Hinton. On 18 and 19 June, family members can make full use of the Open Garden Squares Weekend and explore over 200 gardens that will be made accessible for this very special occasion.

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8. Los Angeles, United States: Home to Hollywood

June is a popular time to visit the City of Angels and catch the fun in the heart of US film industry. Round trip flights to Los Angeles average S$1192, with a one night stay in a four-star hotel averaging S$392. Travellers who want to save up to 10% should book their flight tickets on a Thursday. In addition to California’s famous fun parks, such as Disneyland and Universal Studios, families should head down to the Santa Monica State Beach. Santa Monica is full of fun activities at this time of year, like swimming, surfing, biking and volleyball. Families can also gaze at the stars together and learn more about our universe at The Griffith Observatory’s Public Star Party on June 11, located on a hilltop outside the Los Angeles city centre.

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9. New York, United States: The Most Photographed City in the World

Surrounding one of the world’s largest natural harbors, the City of New York is renowned for its plethora of Broadway theatres, cinemas and electronic billboards. Flight tickets to New York average around S$1387, and an average price for a night’s stay in a 4-star hotel is reasonably priced at S$469. Sunday is a great day for booking a flight ticket for those who want to save up to 7%. Culture lovers should  head to Gershwin Theatre and watch the world famous play Wicked or go to Minskoff Theatre to enjoy The Lion King. Families looking to add some education to their trip should visit the American Museum of Natural History.

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10. San Francisco, United States: The City by the Bay

The City by the Bay is a wonderful destination for families who are looking for a cooler summer vacation. Flights from Singapore to San Francisco average S$1490, and four-star hotels – S$354 per night. Also, travellers can save up to 30% by booking a flight ticket on a Tuesday versus any other day of the week. June in San Francisco is alive with festivals, such as the Union Street Festival on 4 and 5 June, which features 250 craft booths, 25 gourmet food stalls, two stages of live entertainment and bistro style cafes by local restaurants. If one festival is not enough, travellers can catch the North Beach Festival on 11 and 12 June, one of the largest street fairs in all of San Francisco.

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Here’s the summary for your reference:

Top 10 most popular June school holidays destinations from Singapore by value
Destination Average price for round-trip flight Average price for 1 night in a 4- star hotel Total average price for round-trip flight and 1 night stay Best day to book
1 Bangkok S$187 S$133 S$320 Tuesday
2 Denpasar (Bali) S$229 S$210 S$439 Wednesday
3 Taipei S$322 S$170 S$492 Friday
4 Melbourne S$584 S$143 S$727 Monday
5 Seoul S$604 S$164 S$768 Sunday
6 Paris S$992 S$324 S$1316 Monday
7 London S$1069 S$302 S$1371 Friday
8 Los Angeles S$1192 S$392 S$1584 Thursday
9 New York S$1387 S$469 S$1856 Sunday
10 San Francisco S$1490 S$354 S$1844 Tuesday

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