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10 Children Education Enrichment Programs for Singapore Kids

Children go through a continual learning curve at a tender age. This curve is the very first layer upon which the foundation of a person is based on. When children as young as 3 to 10 years are exposed to positive stimuli and a variety of intuitive learning programs, they start developing positive behavioral relationships, learn how to visualize and understand the basics of mathematics, science and many other subjects. Here are 10 special education enrichment programs in Singapore you may consider to give your kids an early edge over the rest:

1. LEAP Kids Program (3-6 Years)

LEAP Kids is a weekday program designed to be aligned with MOE pre-school learning outcomes. Kids are taught basic literacy in both English and Chinese. Lessons in building numeracy skills, environmental and aesthetic awareness are also structured into the programme. Children learn by interacting with tutors or through play & experimentation.

2. MindChamps Reading & Writing Programmes (3-7 Years)

Many kids fail to perform during their formative years just because they have a difficult time understanding how to read and write. While some kids develop the skill in most natural ways, it’s a good idea to provide them stimuli like MindChamps Reading and Writing Program as early possible.

3. Drama Workshops and Classes (3 – 12 Years Old)

Act3 International organizes a wide range of great enrichment programs that help kids acquire social communication and social interaction skills through drama workshops and classes. Children learn how to creatively express their thoughts or ideas during the course of a regular conversation, speech or any other social activity.

4. 3G Abacus (4 – 12 Years Old)

It’s the age of gadgets but Abacus training techniques have been around for thousands of years for a reason. 3G Abacus, an abacus training program by Edufarm Learning Center, for example, helps improve kids’ ability to memorize, visualize and observe. Since kids are personally involved in the activity, they are able to grasp basics of maths quite easily.

5. Junior Scientist Program (5 – 7 Years Old)

Do you know that kids who object to an established idea/concept or ask too many questions about everything from an oven to a TV show is likely to learn at a much faster rate than the rest? While the inquisitiveness can be cultivated, you should also keep in mind that inquisitiveness if not responded to correctly, can make a child feel lonely, insecure and devoid of self confidence. Junior Scientist Program by Ace Academy in Singapore aims to address these very issues by providing the much needed stimuli to young students.

6. Yoga for Kids! (5-12 Years)

Organized by OhmSantih, Singapore Kid’s Yoga is designed with the intention to provide the children with a fun way to develop their critical physical, psychological and physiological skills in a non-competitive environment..

The course help to enhance the child’s strength and flexibility and in some instances, the growth of the child can be enhanced through spine elongating asanas. Psychologically, the child increases his / her self-esteem and improving their leadership skills as well as teamwork abilities. Yoga can also help release stress and anxiety, thus increasing the ability to relax. The capabilities of the child in concentrating and focusing will also be enhanced through these exercises.

7.  Singapore Mathematic Program (7 – 12 Years Old)

Children often have a hard time grasping the concept of numbers, geometrical figures and shapes. Seriously Addictive Maths (S.A.M) aims to inculcate the right skills and a positive learning attitude towards the subject when children are young. The program places emphasis in the development of a foundational understanding of Mathematics, and how the Mathematical knowledge can be applied in different ways in the real world.

8. Budding Artists Program (8 – 17 Years Old)

If you want your kids to be visually literate, Budding Artists Program organised by Little Artists is a good pick. From the basics of color and composition to drawing skills, kids can also learn how to express their ideas as sketches and paintings. Visually literate kids are more likely to understand how to harness their power of imagination to excel in other areas of academic study.

9. Left & Right Brain Development Program (7 – 11 Years Old)

Heguru is an effective early childhood education method that use the right and left brains equally, including practice training to develop the right brain, left brain development utilising the right brain, ability development, image exercises etc.

The right brain will not develop through massive memorisation processes or listening to music at high speed – an appropriate “environment” is necessary for right brain development of children. Through the course, the children can soon develop amazing abilities such as wave reading and instant memorisation.

10. Robocamp Junior (7-13 Years)

A 5 Day camp organised for children in the 7-13 age groups, Robocamp Junior exposes participants to all things mechanical. Kids get a fairly good feel of how robots work. Such experiences at an early age can fill kids with inquisitiveness as well as imaginative ideas about the future they might have in the world of science.

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