10 Best Horror Mobile Games

There’s no shortage of horror games out there but if you’re ever looking for some of the best, we’ve got you covered! And since these games are all available on mobile, you can get spooked on the go. Some of them are even multiplayer games so you can get spooked with your friends. Without further ado, here’s a list of 10 of the best horror mobile games:

1.   Identity V

This is a 1 vs 4 survival horror game that truly looks the part with its gothic visuals. The game places one Hunter against four Survivors as they attempt to escape through two exit gates. Of course, it’s not that simple. The Survivors are classified into different categories with different abilities and types.

These Survivors would have to activate five Cipher Machines by uncovering their passwords in order for the gates to open. The game is won when three survivors escape or are killed. There are other modes to the game for you to explore if you’re tired of the traditional gameplay as well.

Identity V is famous for its collaborations with anime franchises like The Promised Neverland, Danganronpa, Death Note and more. You can access more characters by topping up with Netease Pay available at OffGamers here today!

2.   Detention

Falling more towards the creepy side of things, we have Detention. The game is set in a Taiwanese school during the 1960s martial law. It is a horror adventure side scroller where you get trapped in school at night time, unveiling the dark past of its students. All this whilst confronting the darkness within yourself.

It is centred around a lot of Buddhist and Taoism references, and the creepiness factor comes from the visuals and atmosphere of the game. It can be quite disturbing, with references to material that might be triggering to some like bullying and suicide. Player discretion is definitely advised here.

3.   Dead by Daylight Mobile

The infamous Dead by Daylight game is a hit on most platforms, so naturally, it’s a great choice for those who are itching to play it whilst away from their computers and consoles. In Dead by Daylight (DBD), you get to play as either a Killer or Survivor, similar to that of Identity V.

The difference is, in DBD you get the chance to play as some famous killers from big-name horror franchises like Michael Myers and Pinhead to name a few. The gameplay is more realistic as well, and both the survivors and killers have certain abilities and perks to help them win the game.

4.   Eyes: Scary Thriller

The game has a simple story and premise, but sometimes the scariest experiences come from the simplest ideas. You break into a haunted mansion at night with money on your mind, but you end up getting chased around by a monster or ghost instead.

Your objective is to not get caught and get out alive with the money you’ve found along the way. Simple right? Wait until you see the monster chasing you though. You’ll wet your pants at the jumpscares and terrifying visual that the monster/ghost has in store for you.

5.   Death Park: Scary Clown

If you’re terrified of clowns, you’ve come to the right place. Either that or you might want to skip this one. As you go around an abandoned amusement park of an old circus, you come across some creepy sights and characters that have been hiding out there for a long time.

There are multiple endings to the game, which grants it a unique twist and more replayability for completionists. There’s a creepy hospital, mazes to get lost in, abandoned basements and more for you to explore. Just make sure to get out alive.

6.   The Room: Old Sins

If you’re looking for more of a challenge for your brain aside from the pressures of a creepy atmosphere, The Room: Old Sins would do the trick. You would need to solve puzzles intertwined with a dollhouse and its numerous rooms.

In solving these puzzles, you’ll get to uncover the story and solve the mystery that’s been plaguing the protagonist for about four games now. New rooms will continue to be opened up to you as you solve them, so good luck!

7.   Limbo

Another one for those who enjoy atmospheric horror, Limbo is pretty simple but creepy in its own right. As you navigate through this black and white side scroller, your goal is to find your sister and avoid death. The game plays on its own physics system and you’ll be faced with all sorts of challenges in your way.

Limbo is about you against the world around you. There are death traps and random breaks in the environment designed to kill you. Even the developers have noted that it is designed for you to die at least once. So, have fun!

8.   Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories is a terrifying tragedy adventure as you embody Rose Hawkins in search of a lost young girl. You find yourself waking up wounded in a strange place frozen in time. In order to survive, you will need to confront all of your deepest, darkest fears.

There’s a ton of exploration, puzzle solving and self-reflection involved in this game as you analyze parts of yourself that are often kept hidden away. There’s also some action and combat involved in certain parts of the game to grant you a more realistic experience. Great for those who have a fear of dolls!

9.   Five Nights At Freddy’s

One of the more famous franchises out there that have spawned its own thriving fanbase, we’ve all heard of Five Nights at Freddy’s or FNAF. It’s basically a horror thriller where you attempt to escape a shop where the animatronics have come to life and are out to kill you.

A lot of hiding, running and adrenaline-pumping jumpscares await you here. FNAF holds up even on mobile phones, so why not give it a go? You might find yourself invested in the rich lore and mystery of the characters soon enough.

10. Oxenfree

Those that prefer more of a storyline and dialogue should have a go at Oxenfree. This graphic adventure title sees you and a group of friends on a remote local island. As you and your friends accidentally unleashed a paranormal force, you now have to work together to stop it.

You can interact with the environment around you, and as you proceed, you can read the dialogue between the characters that appear as speech bubbles. No cutscenes are required. Naturally, there are puzzles and challenges to overcome together as the story deepens.

To Conclude

You’ve made it to the end! Did you find any of these games particularly interesting? Do let us know in the comments below your thoughts or if you have any other games to recommend. We’d love to hear from you!

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