10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Apple Watch

Like the iPhone and iPad, the Apple Watch can work wonders to your personal life. Here are 10 amazing things you can do with your Apple Watch that will beat all the traditional watches hands down. You will probably wanna share this page with your friends who need solid reasons to convince their parents to get them one!

1. Send Emojis!

Love sending emoticons with your iPhones? Well now, you can send all of your favourite smiley faces through your wrist! All you have to do is simply hit the emoji button while replying a text, scroll through the options using the digital crown, pick one and SEND!

iWatch Emoji - AspirantSG
Photo from Gizmodo

2. Share your Heartbeat with your Friends

Now, what sets this piece of wearable tech apart from the others is that, it allows you to send your heartbeats to anyone in your contact list. As it measures your heartbeat from your wrist and with its amazing messaging feature, you can send them to your loved ones! So, use it to spice up your relationships! Especially if you’re having a soppy one.

iWatch Heartbeat - AspirantSG
Photo from MarkDMill

3. Toggle within Apps

Press the crown twice to bounce between your last used apps and your current app. It’s like bringing the multi-tasking feature from your iPhone to your wrist. Isn’t that great?

iWatch App Toggle - AspirantSG
Photo from TheTechBlock

4. Get Fit!

Like all smart watches nowadays, the Apple Watch too doubles as a fitness tracker. It contains a built-in app that not only tracks your calories lost and the distance you’ve ran but it also allows you to set your own fitness goals. Furthermore, you will be able to check how well you’ve progressed at a glance as the Apple Watch will provide you with a complete breakdown of your time, calories lost and distance travelled.

iWatch Fitness Tracker - AspirantSG
Photo from Apple IWatch Wiki

5. Never get lost

Afraid of losing your way home? Constantly getting lost? Well, fear not!

The Apple Watch now comes with the “Maps” app hence, you’ll be able to get turn by turn navigation instructions directly from your wrist! So, you’ll never be late for a meeting or get lost in a foreign place again! Plus, you won’t even need to fish out your phone.

iWatch Map - AspirantSG

6. Buy Stuff

The Apple Watch has made shopping a whole lot easier. With NFC chips, you can now buy things by just placing your watch next to a store reader. So forget about your phone and start using Apple Pay from your wrist – Tap and Go! (However, this feature is only available in the US but I am sure other places will catch on quick!)

iWatch NFC Payment - AspirantSG
Photo from DUWAA

7. Take better Pictures!

Doubling up as a remote shutter, you can now use the Digital crown on your watch to help assist you in take pictures with your phone! Definitely, making family shots, selfies and wefies a whole lot easier!

Apple iWatch Digital Crown - AspirantSG
Photo from Cult Of Andriod

8. Draw

Equipped with a sketch-tool, you can now draw whatever you want on the little screen on your wrist and send it to anyone in your contact list. For instance, you can use this amazing feature to declare your love to your partner-to-be or simply irritate the heck out of your friends!

iWatch Drawing - AspirantSG

9. Check emails and messages

Always on the go? Well, you can now check your mails and messages from your wrist. Not only that, but you can mark them as read or unread and even flag them when necessary. Furthermore, if you’re required to type out a longer response you can tell your watch to open the message feature on your phone. Isn’t it amazing?

iWatch Read Email - AspirantSG
Photo from WebNews

10. Answer, Reject & Mute Calls

Like an iPhone, your watch will light up when someone calls you. Press the green button to take the call from your watch or to transfer it to your phone.

Tap the red button and the call will be rejected. Furthermore with its “cover to mute” feature, you can now mute calls by just placing your palm on the watch for 3 seconds. So, if you in a meeting or in class, you’ll never have to fish out your phone to turn down a call again.

Apple Watch Answer Calls - AspirantSG
Photo from MacWorld

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