Yee Shun Milk Company – Legendary Steamed Milk, Hong Kong

Yee Shun Milk Company Legendary Steamed Milk was a chance encounter during my recent trip to Hong Kong. In fact, the concept of a milk company that set up a walk-in F&B outlet was foreign to me. Aren’t they supposed to just milk their cows in some distant land, pasteurise the liquid and have it shipped over to some supermarket?


My Japanese friend who was bringing me around shared that Yee Shun Milk Company 義順牛奶公司 is a well established and popular dessert restaurant in Macau. The brand subsequently found its way into Hong Kong and opened 4 outlets. Although many Singaporeans are more familiar with their competitor Australia Dairy Co. 澳洲牛奶公司, its not hard to see that Yee Shun has won over the hearts of many locals.


I managed to capture the non dessert section of the menu while my friend mulls over their milk desserts. Yee Shun Milk Company is particularly famous for their Doubled Boiled Milk With Egg White (aka Steamed Milk, Two Films) Steam Milk with Ginger Juice. 


While I was waiting for my dessert to be delivered, a friendly service staff was having a gleeful chat with a little girl and her father. She seem happy with her job probably with the recent 7% rise in the city’s minimum wage. But is that happiness sustainable? NTUC Secretary-General, Mr Lim Swee Say shared during one of his public speeches that Singapore is adopting a progressive wage approach by offering our low income earners highly subsidised skills training to improve their productivity, skills and career prospects. I always believe in the saying ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. I am glad that our government takes initiative to provide the rod, impart knowledge and hone the skills sets of our local ‘fishermen’. To support the demand for these trained workers, government contracts are only offered to accredited companies who let their staff participate in skills upgrades. Thus ensuring that employers do not resort to or rely on cheap, imported labour at the expense of the jobs of local low wage workers.


Happiness served! To satisfy my sweet tooth, I went for a double dose of sweetness – Warm Steamed Milk With Red Bean Toppings! The thin layer of curd that tops the milk pudding is testimony to its famed double boil techniques. To attain such quality, 100% fresh milk is made to undergo a very tedious and laborious process so make sure you savour every sip. The combined sweetness of the two main ingredients was pretty intense, just the way I like it. The moist silky texture of the steamed milk was unforgettable, I wished I had a bowl in front of me right now!


After returning to Singapore, I searched high and low for desserts stores that serves Double Boiled Steamed Milk. I did managed to find one but the standard wasn’t there. It was more like a solid milk pudding than steamed milk. I really miss my steam milk so if you are ever visiting Hong Kong remember to visit Yee Shun Milk Company and enjoy it on my behalf! Here’s the full information of the outlet that I went to:

Yee Shun Milk Company Causeway Bay Branch

Address: G/F 506 Lockhart Road Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Operating Hours: 12pm -12mn

Tel: (+852) 2591-1837

Transportation: MTR*: Causeway Bay (Exit C)

The Other Outlets are as follow:

Nathan Road Branch

Address G/F, 513 Nathan Road  (Near Yau Ma Tei MTR)

Tel: (+852) 2374 5460

Operating Hours: 12pm -12mn

Prince Edward Branch

Address: G/F, 246-248 Sai Yeung Choi Street South

Tel : (+852) 2393 3301

Operating Hours: 12pm -12mn

Jordan Branch

Address: G/F, 63 Pilkem St, Jordan

Tel : (+852) 2730 2799

Operating Hours: 12pm -12mn

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  1. I’ve not heard of steamed milk. Where’s the place in Singapore where I can try some?

    Strictly speaking, NTUC is not the government. Nevertheless, I agree it’s good to raise wages only with productivity increments and all workers should be equipped with better skills. In Singapore today, we probably have workers paid according to their experience, I can’t imagine that minimum wage actually brings some salaries up and some down.

  2. Fabian Wee

    Yee Shun …. never heard of the brand before. What’s all the talk about the NTUC about? Why you suddenly so pro gahment?

  3. Yeah, I kinda miss the steam milk from HK too. But have you tried the ones from Australian Dairy? It will be good to have a comparison. I love the Australian Dairy ones. Will give Yee Shun a go the next time.

  4. Wow..that looks like a really good treat. The red berries remind me of the texture seen in the boba drinks here in Tampa.

  5. Judith Kavanaugh

    Great post. It left me wanting Double Boiled Steamed Milk and very happy to hear about Government labor practices, Thanks for an enlightening read.


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