Ultimate Penang Cafe Guide – 70 Best George Town Cafes Part 1

One of Singaporeans favourite weekend getaways, Penang embraces our familiar modernity of an Asian city while retaining its traditions and old world charm. Revered as the food capital of Malaysia, Penang offers a buzzing cafes scene. Many of these cafes cleverly capitalised on the city’s heritage spaces to develop themed chill out spaces that will charm tourists and locals alike! To aid you in your cafe exploration, we have put together the Ultimate Penang Cafe Guide – 70 Best George Town Cafes. Please enjoy Part 1 of the 5 parts series below. You may also like to read Ultimate Penang Cafe Guide – 70 Best George Town Cafes Part 2.

1. Armenian House Penang

Address: 35 Armenian Street, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia l Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm Daily l Tel: +6042628309 | Email: [email protected] | Website: www.armenianstheritagehotel.com |  Facebook: Armenian House Penang l  Twitter: @Armenian House Penang  | READ MORE

Armenian House Penang - AspirantSG
Photo from July-shinyen

2. Awesome Canteen

Address: 164 Victoria Street, Georgetown, 10300 Penang l Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon, Wed – Fri), 10am – 11pm (Sat), 10am – 10pm (Sun) l Tel: +6042613707 | Email:
[email protected] | Facebook: Awesome CanteenREAD MORE

Awesome Canteen Penang - AspirantSG
Photo from The Nonya Diaries

3. Baa Baa Black Sheep

Address: 31A Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 Georgetown, Penang Malaysia l Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm (Tues – Sun). Closed on Mondays l Tel: +6048904733 | Email: [email protected] | Facebook: Baa Baa Black Sheep | READ MORE

Baa Baa Black Sheep Penang - AspirantSG
Photo from Jorise Lee

4. Basement 6

Address: 56, Jalan Chow Thye, 10050 Penang Malaysia l Opening Hours: 9am – 1am (Tues – Sun). Closed On Mondays l Tel: +6042261408 | Email: [email protected] | Website: www.basement6collective.com | Facebook: Basement 6 | READ MORE

Basement 6 Penang - AspirantSG
Photo from My Lifestyle Yuna

5. Basil, Le Bistrot

Address: 9, Jalan Kek Chuan, 10300 Georgetown Penang   l Opening Hours: 11am – 1030pm (Mon), 11am – 10.30pm (Thurs – Fri), 9am – 1030pm (Sat – Sun) l Tel: +6042265741  | Facebook: Basil, Le Bistrot | Instagram: Basil, Le Bistrot | READ MORE

Basil Le Bistrot Penang - AspirantSG
Photo from Chia Lynn

6. Behind 50 Penang

Address: 50 Love Lane, George Town l Opening Hours: 1130am – 1am (Mon-Wed), 1130am – 1am (Fri – Sun)  l Tel: +60125565509 | Email: [email protected] | Facebook: Behind 50 Penang | READ MORE

Behind 50 Penang - AspirantSG
Photo from Hinika

7. Bibis Fashion & Bakery Cafe

Address: 87-D, Jalan Kelawai, 10250 Penang  l Opening Hours: 9am – 7pm (Mon), 9am – 7pm (Wed – Thurs), 9am – 6pm, 6.30pm – 10pm (Fri – Sun) l Tel: +6042270108 | Email: [email protected] | Facebook: Bibis Fashion & Bakery Cafe | READ MORE

Bibis Fashion & Bakery Cafe Penang - AspirantSG

8. Bistro Tang

Address: 82-A Lebuh Penang, George Town, Penang l Opening Hours: 11.30am – 11pm (Mon), 1130am – 11pm (Wed – Sun)  l Tel: +6042508383 | Website : www.renitang.com | READ MORE

Bistro Tang Cafe Penang - AspirantSG
Photo from Simply Nomadic Life

9. Brew Thirty Two Cafe Penang

Address: No.32 Jalan Green Hall, 10200 George Town, Malaysia. l Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10.30pm (Sun – Thurs), 10.30am – 12pm (Fri – Sun)  l Tel: +60124009633 | READ MORE

Brew Thirty Two Penang - AspirantSG
Photo from Sillyepiphany

10. Bricklin Café and Bar

Address: 31A Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 Georgetown, Penang Malaysia l Opening Hours: 10am – 10.30pm (Mon – Thurs), 10am – 11.30pm (Fri – Sun) l Tel: +6042266813 | Website: bricklincafebar.tumblr.com | Facebook: Bricklin Café and Bar | Instagram: Bricklin Café and Bar | READ MORE

Bricklin Café and Bar Penang - AspirantSG

11. Budan’s Brew Coffeebar Penang

Address: 2 Lorong Argus, 10200, George Town, Penang l Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm (Mon – Thurs), 9am – 5pm, 730pm – 11pm (Fri – Sat), 9am – 5pm (Sun) l Tel: +6042613930 | Email : [email protected] | Facebook: Budan’s Brew Coffeebar | Instagram: Budan’s Brew Coffeebar | Twitter: @Budan’sBrewCoffeebar | READ MORE

Budan’s Brew Coffeebar Penang - AspirantSG

12. Chai Diam Ma Penang

Address: 15 Queen Street, 10200 George Town, Penang l Opening Hours: 3pm – 11pm (Wed – Sun) l Tel: +60164314452 | Email: [email protected] | Facebook: Chai Diam Ma | Instagram: Chai Diam Ma | READ MORE

Chai Diam Ma Penang - AspirantSG
Photo from Kanki Su

13. China House Penang

Address: 153 & 155, Beach Street and 183B Victoria Street 10300 George Town  l Opening Hours: 9am – 12am Daily l Tel: +6042637299 | Email: [email protected]  | Website: www.chinahouse.com.my |  Facebook: China House Penang | Instagram: China House Penang | READ MORE 

China House Penang - AspirantSG
Photo from Subang Girl Eats

14. Cintra Heritage House

Address: Lot 1,2,5,7, Cintra Street, 10100 Penang l  Tel: +6042628232  | Email: [email protected] | Website: www.cintrahouse.com |  Facebook: Cintra Heritage HouseREAD MORE 

Cintra Heritage House Penang - AspirantSG

We hope you enjoyed PART 1 of our Ultimate Penang Cafe Guide – 70 Best George Town Cafes. You may also like to read Ultimate Penang Cafe Guide – 70 Best George Town Cafes Part 2. If you know of any new cafes that’s worthy enough to be listed, please share with us by leaving a comment.

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