SIWILAI Presents Le Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber At Central Embassy

Since opening its door, Central Embassy has singlehandedly reshaped the luxury retail landscape of modern Bangkok, its formidable structure a home to over 200 high-end fashion and lifestyle flagships. Amongst them is Siwilai, the multi-brand concept who is servicing the city with its own vision of an alternative retail format. Both are constantly on the look out for unique experiences that can be shared, exchanged and evolved multifold by each and every one of their visitors. Kicking off the year-end festivities, Siwilai is proud to present the fifth edition of Thomas Erber’s famed Le Cabinet de Curiosites, an annual traveling arts-cum-artifacts show that has been hosted in Paris, London, Berlin and New York at Central Embassy.

SIWILAI Store Central Embassy - AspirantSG

This year’s “Le Cabinet de Curiosite of Thomas Erber” will be the fifth time it is organised. The exhibition first started in 2010 at Colette in Paris, followed by events in London, Berlin and New York, and this year will be in Bangkok, hosted by Siwilai concept store and Central Embassy. The exhibition welcome guest from 20 November to 21 December 2014. Khun Barom Bhicharnchitr launched the exhibition with an inspiring opening address explaining the origin of Siwilai and how the exhibition was a perfect fit to the concept store’s ideology.

Khun Barom Bhicharnchitr Opening Speech At SIWILAI Exhibition - AspirantSG

Next, Thomas Erber – the founder of the internationally acclaimed Cabinet de Curiosités was invited on stage. He shared that over 70 specially commissioned limited edition pieces, created by both local and international artists would be revealed at the exhibition. A renowned journalist, writer and special correspondent in the fields of culture, trends and travel for 15 years, Thomas Erber became editor-in-chief of the lifestyle supplement for the newspaper Le Monde and a reporter at large for Vogue Homme International, and actively participated in the launch of Jalouse and l’Optimum. In addition, he is an international brand consultant of highly prestigious brands (Richemont, Pernod-Richard, Kuoni, etc.) with a very high quality of global networking.


After the introduction, Khun Barom Bhicharnchitr and Thomas Erber lead all their guest on an exclusive tour of the glamorous new and unique products from famous designers and artists at Central Embassy. Khun Barom Bhicharnchitr started with one of his favourite piece at the exhibition – Handcrafted ping-point table and paddle completed with wooden seats wrapped in hand-stitched leather and set atop hand-casted brass legs. To infuse Thai element into the exhibit, the meaningful tattoo on the chair-back was inked by Thai Tattoo Artist Yuttapoom Kaojaikan.

P Tendercool Handcrafted Ping Pong Table Thomas Erber SIWILAI Bangkok - AspirantSG

Khun Barom Bhicharnchitr highlighted “Lathe I Gold” by Sebastian Brajkovic from Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Made from Polished Bronze and Silk Embroidered Upholstery, you wouldn’t bear to rest on it.


Thomas Erber brings our attention to a customised motorcycle by Half Caste Creation. This gorgeous vintage motorcycle is adorned with hand-beaten sheet metal parts and Siamese crocodile skin upholstery over its fuel tank. This machinery is a unique one of its kind in the world.

Half Caste Creation Siamese Crocodile Skin Motorcycle - AspirantSGAnother piece well-loved by Thomas Erber. The Atelier Relief x Hubert Marot – B&W inkjet printed on Hahnemühle, Diasec, Steel is one which you should keep your eyes on around the house.

The Atelier Relief x Hubert Marot - B&W inkjet printed on Hahnemühle, Diasec, Steel - AspirantSG

The Bottega Conticelli X Vespa boosted of a moulded vegetal leather and is a unique piece.


Both Khun Barom Bhicharnchitr and Thomas Erber were excited when they talked about this piece of art. Thai silk company Jim Thompson teamed up with renowned French graffiti artist Olivier Burel, aka Ogreoner to bring Naga Pitak, a mystical serpent, a symbol of protection to life on traditional Thai weaved silk. This is the best example of Bangkok meet Paris!


The tour ended at Siwilai Concept Store which house many of the smaller art pieces.

Thomas Erber Exhibition At Siwilai Concept Store Bangkok - AspirantSG

Behold the Castel “Custome” Carbon Fiber Helmet by Ateliers Ruby. The helmet is lined in luxurious nappa lamb leather and decorated with an epic culture clash across its polished surface; the bold bleu, blanc, rouge stripes of the French flag meeting Thailand’s favourite Asian elephant.


The Dragon Clutch caught my eyes the moment I lay my eyes on it. It is an exceptional, one-of-a-kind evening clutch created in partnership with Lotus Arts de Vivre, fusing American-born designer Peter Nitz’s classical romance with the Eastern exoticism of the dragon.


Other than the exhibits, fashionistas and shoppers can also feast their eyes on the products in Siwilai Concept Store.

Items At Siwilai Store Central Embassy Bangkok - AspirantSG

Besides these visual treats, guests also enjoy the sounds of music and food prepared by Michelin-starred chefs. To view the full list of guest, please click here.


The experience at Bangkok edition of Le Cabinet de Curiosités de Thomas Erber was amazing. The art pieces that I have shown in the blog post are not exhaustive, there are a significant number of great works that are still waiting for you to discover. I am truly grateful to Siwilai for the invitation and hospitality over the few days when I was in Bangkok, Thailand. I would strongly encourage readers who are heading to Bangkok during the year end holidays to visit the exhibition and check out Siwilai Concept Store at Central Embassy.

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