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For me, being able to share my travel experiences real time with friends and relatives is one of the simple joys of being on a holiday. On my recent trip to Chiang Mai, I was glad that I did not have to go out of my way to obtain convenient, affordable and secure wireless connection aboard. Changi Recommends offers the rental of mobile Wi-Fi router amongst other services like last minute flight bookings, baggage wrapping service, travel insurance to local and permanent residents as well as courier services for passengers with excess baggage.

Changi Recommends Outlet At Changi Airport Terminal 1- AspirantSG

With its flat and affordable rental rate, there is no need for me to try surviving abroad on free cafe and hotel wifi.

Price Plan For Changi Recommends Wifi Router - AspirantSG

One thing to note. Although it is stated ‘Unlimited’ service, the service does not condone users who abuse the limit intentionally or unintentionally. The limits are set with a Fair Usage Policy which is a set of rules to avoid abuse and in the process protects the other consumers as well as the provider. Please take note of the data limit capped by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for each country in the table below. Once the limit is breached, you may experience either slow data speed or temporarily idle for a period of time. But rest assured that the excess data will not incur additional cost on your rental rates.

Fair Usage Policy For Changi Recommends Wifi Routers - AspirantSG

There are 2 ways of ordering but I would personally recommend the online reservation route to avoid last minute disappointment.

Steps To Book Wifi Router from Changi Recommends - AspirantSG

Once reserved, you can simply pick up your routers at any Changi Recommends counters in all three Terminals Arrival Halls or

Changi Recommends At All 3 Airport Terminals Arrival Hall - AspirantSG

Terminal 2 Departure Hall at Singapore Changi Airport. 

Changi Recommends At Terminal 2 Departure Hall - AspirantSG

The Overseas Travel Wi-Fi is a battery-powered router that allows the user to connect to 2multiple smart mobile devices. Being pocket-sized, it provides personal hotspot for navigating around in a foreign country conveniently and the secured network makes accessing the cyberspace safe. The Pack comes with a wall charger, charging cable as well as a universal adaptor. Once the plane docks, you can start surfing immediately. Switch on the router, select the network, input the password and you are connected!

Changi Recommends Wifi Router - AspirantSG

Words cannot express my gratitude for the service. I would never be able to upload amazing moments such as this adrenaline pumping Live Muay Thai Match as and when it happen without Changi Recommends Wifi Router.

Chiang Mai Thai Boxing Match Share Using Changi Recommends Wifi Router - AspirantSG

With internet access on the move, I was able to effectively navigate my way around Chiang Mai numerous temples with Google Maps.

Flowers Shot From Temple Using Changi Recommends Wifi Routers - AspirantSG

The WIFI signal was strong and dependable throughout my trip even when I was high up on the mountains with the Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe!

Karen Long Neck Tribe Shared On Changi Recommends Wifi Router - AspirantSG

Being at the edge of Thailand bordering Myanmar & Laos at the Golden Triangle Region prove to be not an issue.

Meal At Golden Triangle Region With Changi Recommends Wifi Router - AspirantSG

Even when I was at Laos (just across the border), it still worked perfectly fine. I got to give it to them!

Beers in Laos uploaded using

Returning the router was equally convenient, you simply need to drop it off and pay up at one of the Changi Recommends Outlets and you are done! Whether it is about sharing travel happenings on social media channels, navigating their way around connection around the globe for leisure or business travels, Overseas Travel Wifi is a fuss-free, reliable and secure way of enjoying wifi access on the go when you are overseas. Click here to reserve your personal Wifi Routers from Changi Recommends when planning for your next adventure!

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