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Tucked away in a lush sanctuary along Scotts Road, Ki-sho is a quiet, two-storey Zen escapade newly added to Singapore’s culinary scene. Showcasing an exquisite repertoire of Japan’s finest selection of Kyoto cuisine and set against a peaceful zen garden style, it was a fitting dinner venue for me to treat a respected ex-superior of mine. We can’t wait to experience and savour one of Singapore’s most authentic Japanese Fine Dining.

Ki-sho Japanese Fine Dining at 29 Scotts Road - AspirantSG

Upon entering, we were greeted by a warm and friendly Japanese lady donned in traditional kimono.

Ki-sho friendly Japanese receptionist

If some of your diners have yet arrive, take a seat at one these spacious designer cuboids and take pleasure in the lovely orchids while waiting.

Ki-sho Japanese Fine Dining Waiting Area - AspirantSG

Heading to the main dining rooms, we took a moment to appreciate the intricate craftsmanship of the surrounding furnishings and decorations amidst the warmly dimmed lights in comforting silence. For a moment, it felt as though we were transported back to the Meiji era, during which Japan was at the peak of its renaissance.

Ki-sho Meiji Era Settings - AspirantSG




















Perfect for hosting business meetings or private functions, the upper level at Ki-sho features two formal entertainment rooms with seating capacity of eight and twelve respectively. Every detail in Ki-sho was meticulously hand- built by a team of commissioned Japanese artisans, from bespoke furniture of the highest quality to the hand-laid wooden flooring and delicate gold leaf wallpaper.

Ki-sho Fine Dining Interior - AspirantSG

Honoured to have a photo taken with renowned Chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto who helms as the Chef de Cuisine at Ki-sho. He brings with him a wealth of experience and creativity amassed from his apprenticeship days in Kyoto’s top culinary restaurants and Singapore’s best Japanese restaurant. A friendly and humble person, he shared his personal belief that ‘food replenishes the soul’ and how he enjoys ‘feeding’ his family and friends. We look forward to be fed an unforgettable and satisfying feast prepared with his unique interpretation of Japanese cuisine while staying true to the origins of Kyoto cuisine.

Chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto Photo - AspirantSG

At Ki-sho, we safely entrust our taste buds to Chef Hamamoto with the selection of two different Omakase Set Menu namely Aoi ($300++/person) and Kai ($450++/person). ‘Omakase’ simply means ‘I’ll leave it to you’. We will be going for Kai Omakase Set Menu.

Ki-sho Dining Table Set Up - AspirantSG

So sit back, relax and enjoy the experiential ride as Chef Hamamoto confidently impresses and satiates appetites at the 10-seater pine timber sushi bar


Watch how the affable Chef Hamamoto skilfully and artistically prepares Ki-sho’s signature dishes using ingredients such as Aori Ika and Hida Wagyu, varying from the season’s best. Ki-sho’s commitment to freshness is ensured as all ingredients are specially handpicked according to the season’s finest and air-flown twice weekly from all parts of Japan.


Before our first course was served, we were offered sake options to go with the meal. How can we say no to the sweet taste of sake? Be spoilt for choice with an array of over 50 labels of both traditional and seasonal sake, also specially flown in from Japan to round off your meal.If you are a big fan of sake, there is an exclusive sake room that is available for all occasion.

Ki-sho Sake Room & Collection - AspirantSG

With us all settled in nicely with premium sake, our first entree Deep fried Amadai (Tilefish) was served. Amadai inhabit the seabed of shallow sea and is considered a premium fish in Japan. That is the reason why we do not see them served commonly in most Japanese restaurants. The scale of the amadai was deep fried to produce the crunch yet delicious ornament above the fish. Looking deceivingly normal, the white meat commanded a tender yet rich texture. This is one of the best cooked fish dish that I have ever eaten.

Ki-Sho Japanese Fine Dining Deep fried Amadai - AspirantSG

Our next dish – Kegani (Horsehair Crab) with Matsutake (Pine Mushroom) and Prawn Jelly was extraordinarily refreshing with the strong presence of quality prawn jelly obtained from the prawn head. I personally adore the shimmering edible gold presentation.


Our Hokkaido Uni and Caviar comprised of 30% Aka Uni & 70% Murasaki Uni and is served together with caviar on a generous lotus leave.


With some excess Uni, Chef Hamamoto created an additional Uni Rice for us on the house. Yummy!


Seasonal Sashimi Platter was my favourite dish for the evening. Putting together the freshest anago (sea-salt eels), cuttlefish and bluefin tuna belly, the presentation was already a winner. The texture of bluefin tuna belly was so good that we almost mistake it for a high grade beef.


The use of flowers to sprinkle condiments onto the sashimi was particularly intriguing. Fragrance from the flower added yet another dimension of senses onto our palate.


Awabi (Abalone) & Kamonasu Chawanmushi showcased how a common Japanese entree can take on the fine dining arena with the creative use of abalone liver and a very special type egg from Japan.


Charcoal Grilled Gunma Toriyama Wagyu Beef was astonishingly tender and flavourful. Take it with a pinch of salt (literally) and relish its amazing texture.


The Assorted Sushi was the most entertaining part of the meal.

Ki-sho Sushi - AspirantSG

We got to see our chef preparing the assorted sushi and grilling of wagyu beef right before our eyes!

Ki-sho Grilling Of Wagyu Beef

See the action ‘Live’ in the video below:

A light but tasty Miso Soup was served shortly to wash down the delicacies.

Ki-sho Miso Soup - AspirantSG

To end off the meal with a sweet ending, we were treated to a dessert platter consisting of Kyoho Grapes, Hojicha Monaka Warabimochi and Matcha Chocolate. 

Kyoho Grapes, Hojicha Monaka Warabimochi and Matcha Chocolate - AspirantSG

An idyllic zen-garden sanctuary, Ki-sho successfully brought forth a marriage of both interior design and culinary art. This characteristic is reflected throughout the restaurant’s architecture and Chef Hamamoto’s culinary creations. With a selection of two six- and nine-course Omakase set menu priced respectively at $300++ and $450++ per person, diners can choose to enjoy the dining experience at a 11- seater pine timber sushi bar, or request for a private entertainment room on the upper level. If you are interested to visit the restaurant and sample the dishes yourself, here’s the full information of the restaurant:

Ki-sho 葵匠

Address: 29 Scotts Road Singapore 228224

Opening Hours: 6.30pm – 10.30pm (Mon – Sat). Closed on Sundays.

Tel: 6733 5251



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