HangOut @ Mt Emily – Tranquil Retreat In Heart Of Singapore

Perched on the top of Mount Emily, HangOut @ Mt Emily has been a tranquil retreat in the heart of Singapore since 2004. In return for the tranquility, there is a distance to walk from either Dhoby Ghaut or Little India MRT Station. I took the Dhoby Ghaut route which saw me passing by School Of The Arts (SOTA), PoMo before turning into a quiet residential estate along Wilkie Road. Once you see the directional sign below, take the long flight of stairs ups and you will be able to see HangOut @ Mt Emily on your left.

Directions To HangOut@Mt.Emily - AspirantSG

I love the hotel’s colourful and bubbly lobby. The lobby service counter aka HelpOut does more than just guest check in and check out. They are a one-stop 24 hours concierge station that is able to assist you with everything from printing, photocopying, faxing to obtaining travel related information!

HelpOut At Hangout @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

Once checked in, I took the lift to my room at Level 5. The common area immediately outside the lift landing has an industrial chic concept but all that is set to change once you open the room card access door! We were wowed by the vibrant colours along the corridor that lead us to our room – 516!

Hangout@Emily Hotel Journey To Room - AspirantSG

Despite being a no frills hotel, my room was bright, airy and pretty cozy. Do you know that S$1 from each room’s night stay goes to Cathay Organisation’s adopted charities? I am accumulating positive karma even on staycation!

Hangout@Emily Room Interior - AspirantSG

Once settled in, there are loads of activities to do within the hotel or its vicinity. We head straight up to LookOut Terrace @ Level 7 to bask in the sun on their deck chairs.

LookOut Terrace At Level 7 HangOut @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

Flora lovers will appreciate the beautiful flowers blooming on the roof top terrace.

Flora On LookOut Terrace At HangOut @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

After refreshing our sun baked body in the standing shower pool, we turned our attention towards the beautiful Singapore skyline and took notice of this white colonial building situated right beside the hotel. We will be exploring that in the later part of the day.

View From HangOut @ Mt Emily LookOut Terrace - AspirantSG

The VegOut Lounge At Level 2 can be a really cool place to spend the afternoon chilling out over dramas with friends. Olaf is definitely hooked on tv!

VegOut Lounge At HangOut @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

If reading is more of your idea of fun, you can snuggle up and spend a quiet afternoon browsing through their selection of books, magazines and travel guidebooks!

Reading At VegOut At HangOut @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

Feeling sleepy? Sip on a cup of coffee or tea if you’d like or whip up a quick meal using the microwave and hot and cold water dispenser. TimeOut Patio right behind Olaf is a great place for casual chit-chats where you can take in the view of Mount Emily Park. (It is also the non-official smokers’ corner!)

Coffee Breaks At HangOut @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

At LogOut Cyber Corner, you can log in and surf up all you want on computers running on fibre optic connection. If you have your own personal laptop, tap onto free wifi to surf in the comfort of your room or anywhere in the hotel.

LogOut Cyber Corner At HangOut @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

The best part is that you can do all of the above, while waiting for your laundry to be ready at WashOut Self Service Laundry just next door. The coin insertion washing machines do remind me of my army days.

WashOut Self Service Laundry At HangOut@Mt Emily - AspirantSG

Miss your family and friends? You can make free local calls using phones at levels 2, 4 and 6 or make international calls using the pay phone at the lobby.

CallOut Telephone Corners At HangOut @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

Now that we are done exploring the facilities within the hotel, it’s time to head out! You can choose to go for shopping, movies, Dim Sum Lunches and Exquisite Set Dinners at Dhoby Ghaut & Orchard Area or explore Little India by walking through Mount Emily Park.

HangOut @ Mt Emily Vicinity - AspirantSG

Nature lovers or picnic enthusiast will love the lush greenery and collection of mature trees within Mount Emily Park. Take a stroll through the park before dinner, it will do wonders for your appetite.

Mount Emily Park Beside HangOut @ Mount Emily - AspirantSG

Emily Hills White House was my most valuable find on the staycation. Sun Yu-li, one of the nation’s leading artists who have placed Singapore on the world map with overseas installations and exhibitions housed his office and gallery within the colonial property. Mr Sun’s sculptures can be seen all over the White House’s lawn and backyard. Some parts of the White House are also available for exhibition and event rentals.

White House On Emily Hill - AspirantSG

I am particularly in love with this quaint corner in its backyard. I enjoyed sitting on the wooden bench and quietly reflecting how 2014 has been for me. A wonderful spot to be in thoughts.

Emily Hill White House Backyard - AspirantSG

In the evening, Emily Hill White House takes on yet another persona. Woods Emily Hill beckon folks to sit, sip cocktails and chill under the stars on nostalgic rattan chairs.

Woods Bar

Well… we would have stayed if not for our Moscato date with Olaf at LookOut Terrace.

Moscato Date With Olaf At HangOut @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

I am surprised that LookOut Terrace take on different charm at night. We had fun sipping Mascato and doing some star-gazing with fellow travellers.

LookOut Terrace Night At HangOut @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

We had a long day, it’s time to ZonkOut!

ZonkOut At HangOut @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

Rise and shine! Breakfast is served at Wild Rocket Restaurant located on the first floor. Expecting just simple local breakfast items, I was pleasantly surprised with the bread pudding!

Breakfast At HangOut @ Mt Emily - AspirantSG

I must say I enjoyed myself tremendously over the weekend staycation at HangOut @ Mt Emily. It has way surpassed my expectation of a no frills hotel. The hotel is great for travellers who are looking for a quiet yet convenient accommodation in central Singapore. Please see the full details of the hotel below:

HangOut @ Mt Emily

Address: 10A Upper Wilkie Road Singapore 228119

Tel: 64385588


Facebook: hangouthotels

Twitter: @hangouthotels

Instagram: @hangout_hotels

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