25 Hot Singapore Babes To Follow On Instagram (December 2015)

Two months ago, we brought you 25 Hot Singapore Girls To Follow On Instagram (October 2015). Based on our viewership statistics, we thought it was a pretty brilliant and enlightening list but there were gems that we have missed out. We appreciate the gentlemen and ladies who shared with us other hot Singapore babes whom we should follow on Instagram too. To add on the festivities in the celebratory month of December, here’s our list of 25 Hot Singapore Babes to follow on Instagram. Enjoy!

1. Sallyvevo

2. Rei_angeline

A photo posted by @rei_angeline on

3. 9racequek

A photo posted by Miss Quek (@9racequek) on

4. CynthiaKuang

5. katherineliang

6. chapter.twentyfour

A photo posted by C (@chapter.twentyfour) on

7. aggylow

A photo posted by aggylow?? (@aggylow) on

8. niqohlvictoria

9. smainey

A photo posted by @smainey on

10. tiniwong

A photo posted by Kartini (@tiniwong) on

11. hyorinee

12. jessicaljs

A photo posted by Jessica Lim (@jessicaljs) on

13. snnngorious

14. chelsea.xii

15. lecinlurve

A photo posted by Cindy Baby (@lecinlurve) on

16. gengenygen

A photo posted by Geneviève (@gengenygen) on

17. elynnkoh

A photo posted by Elynn Koh (@elynnkoh) on

18. jae7iew

19. withlovemelodylow

20. evonnz

A photo posted by Evonne Ng ★ 琳 (@evonnz) on

21. mscelinetan

A photo posted by Celine Tan (@mscelinetan) on

22. levanlee

23. racheleeemq

A photo posted by RACHEL L. (@racheleeemq) on

24. sabbielove

A photo posted by @sabbielove on

25. melissaaalim

Apologies if we left out many other hot Singapore babes on Instagram. There is always to the next month to be featured. Guys, do let us know other suggestions in the comments section below

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  1. @wanzi.maruko is cute!


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