Your Guide To Sleeping At The Airport

Airport sleeping today is no longer just for the teeny poppy backpacker travelling on a shoestring budget. Early morning flights, far apart connecting flights, flight delays, flight cancellations, acts of god and political unrests are just a few reasons why travellers of all ages and social status are seen stretched out on airport floors around the world. Some airports have really amazing mattresses to sleep on according to Try Mattress everyone should get a good night sleep to help you function better. Some airports have a sleeping space but most of them don’t so make sure you do your research first before booking from the chosen airport.

Whether you are sleeping in an airport overnight by choice or unfortunately stuck in the airport, this infographic published by TravelSupermarket makes the perfect guide to sleeping in airports. Hopefully, the tips presented will help make your travel experience more tolerable.

It is a pleasant surprise that Singapore Changi Airport actually ranks first as the best airport in the world to sleep in. This should be credited to our efficient airport cleaners and trolley retrievers who keep the space clean and free from litter and abandoned trolleys, and the latter was recently in the news for their hard work!

Changi Airport Group (CAG) outsources their trolley retrieval services and traditionally, outsourced workers are usually the last to get pay increments as the nature of the outsourced industry tends to depress tender bids and hence suppress wage increases. But amazingly enough, the news reported that more than 200 trolley retrievers will receive a wage increase from below $590 per month to a base monthly salary of $800 plus $200 incentive!

This wage increase came about from CAG’s and NTUC’s new progressive wage model system for these group of outsourced workers which allows them to move up to pay scale to a higher position, instead of being stuck at the bottom indefinitely.Progressive Wage For CAG Outsourced Workers AspirantSG

Plus CAG is also making the adoption of National Wages Council Guidelines an assessment consideration when they evaluate tenders, which means workers earning $1,000 and below can look forward to future pay increase!

It is heartening to see a corporate service buyer like CAG going out of their way to improve the income level of outsourced low wage workers in Singapore. I really hope more service buyers can jump onto the bandwagon and make a conscious effort to enhance the livelihood of hardworking Singaporeans who deserve better pay and better jobs.Your Guide To Sleeping At The Airport AspirantSG

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