Xiaomi Roborock S6 Test: The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner On The Market?

Roborock is a company incubated by Xiaomi and took over for the robot vacuum cleaners of the brand. The previous model (the S50) was already very powerful. The innovations brought by the Roborock S6 are interesting, but may not require an upgrade if you already have an S50. To know everything about the Roborock S50, you can read our test on Stuff. For the Roborock S6 test, this is where it happens. 


Like its predecessors, you need to download the Xiaomi Mi Home app and add the device. The Roborock S6 can allow you to launch automation; I use it for me to trigger the Mi Air Purifier (the Air Purifier) ​​at the end of cleaning. Interesting new arrival several months ago, the Mi Home application is compatible with Google Assistant, so you can start (and stop) cleaning with voice. Very handy when you leave and you are in a hurry.


Even if the update seems minor, the Roborock S6 is faster and quieter than the S50, which was excellent at this level. The Roborock S6 allows you to wash the sound with a water tray, and it is much better than the S50. The flow of water is greater than the previous version, and even if it does not replace a real mop, often passing your robotic vacuum cleaner, the floors will remain clean permanently.

The only flaw I find on this product is the dust bin which is small (0.4 litres). It must often be taken out to empty, which is binding, even if the procedure is very fast. For all the rest, the S6 is excellent and has nothing to envy to Roomba robot vacuums that cost twice as much. You can choose between 4 suction modes, in addition to the carpet and mop modes.

Level autonomy, it is again faultless with more than 2 hours 30 announced before having to return to the dock. Living in an apartment of 75m2, he can spend several times throughout the apartment without problems (two complete cleanings = 50% of remaining battery). The charging station is a bit bigger than the S50, but being under my couch is not a problem.


When you start cleaning (from the app, the voice or the button on the vacuum cleaner), the laser range finder begins its work of detecting parts. At the end of the first cleaning, you end up with a complete map of your interior. You can, and this is a big novelty of this S6, configure parts to clean only those areas. This is a real addition to the classic zone mode, which allows you to send the robot in a precise square that you have drawn in the application.

My opinion on the Roborock S6

Once again Xiaomi and Roborock are doing very well, and this model offers all the features of a high-end at a price that is still affordable. I have been using robot vacuum cleaners for more than 3 years and the Roborock S6 is still a nice update of the range. If you have the first generation Mi Robot Vacuum, go to S6 is a real progression, if you use an S50, you will gain a better mop, virtual parts and a slightly quieter vacuum cleaner. If you are currently looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, the Roborock S6 is the model to choose with very high-end features and a price below the competition:

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