How To Choose The Best Corner Wine Bar Cabinet

A corner wine bar cabinet is more than just a place to put your wines – it is an important furniture piece with high aesthetic value. Tucked away in the corner of your sitting room, workspace or anywhere else, it gives the corner area a new look, adding zest and life to the room. It also speaks a lot about you, presenting you as someone of culture with great taste.

Being a corner piece, it is not always so big that it occupies all the space, still, it is noticeable enough to make a mark and fulfill its primary purpose – to store wine. Depending on how it is, it may store other things too, particularly art pieces like small figurines, porcelain wares or other things you may want to display. And it makes a great spot for these because it is easy to catch someone’s attention with a corner wine bar cabinet. 

Since they vary in shapes and lengths, they hold varying amounts of bottles with some holding about 10 bottles to bigger ones holding up to 30 bottles. Primarily made out of wood, it can be fitted with other materials like glass or metal, just to give it beauty. The wood may also be shaped or carved into different things to further enhance its look.

The major advantage of the corner wine bar cabinet is that it does not take up space and it does not become the center of all focus but it is still elegant enough to be noticed. That way, if you have it in your workspace, it is less likely to be a distraction.

Buying a wine bar cabinet is not much of an ordeal, seeing that you can easily get one online or in many stores around you. Still, you must pay attention to some details that can make you get the cabinet of your dreams. It is not always advisable to go with something generic or random as it hardly captures your style.

1. Check the Storage Space

How much wine can the cabinet hold at any time? This is very important, especially if you like to stock up on wine. You should get a cabinet you can easily manage so that it does not look under-used or feel like it is not up to the job. If you consume a lot of wine, or you are surrounded by many people who consume wine too, then you should go for a cabinet that can hold a fair amount of wine. If you hardly drink and you are not so much into wine, then you should consider going for a cabinet with small storage space. The key here is to get a cabinet with space that can suit your personal needs.

2. The Size

Bar cabinets vary in sizes, from ones that are very wide to those that go from the top to the bottom of the room. To select the best size for your room, make sure that the presence of the cabinet does not make your room feel choked up or unnecessarily occupied. A good cabinet should be seen and not felt.

3. The Material

Most bar cabinets are made of wood, but you could get other types like some are made out of metal. Even when you want to get a cabinet made for you, you have to also decide on what type of wood, as it ranges from mahogany to walnut to warm wood and so forth. This is a matter of taste so you must choose the one you find most pleasing.

4. Look Out For the Design

Like we stated above, a corner wine bar cabinet also serves an aesthetic purpose, so you should be sure to look out for that. It would be best to do this in person, that way, you can see the cabinet selection better. Some come with metal knobs and other parts, finished off with gold or silver colours and other ornamental designs. Some may contain wood carvings in various forms. Some may even be arranged in a way that seems unconventional yet quite functional and bespoke. You should also pay attention to colours and the finish of the cabinet as it all adds up. 

5. The Extra Space

Not all of the cabinet has to be used to display your exotic wine collection. Some of it can be used to showcase the souvenirs you got from a trip some years ago or some vintage art piece you acquired recently. Check that you can adequately utilise the available space by showing some of the other things you have that tell more about your style.

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