What You Should Be Wearing When You Cook

Cooking is an enjoyable activity. Whether you’re doing it for fun, as a hobby or as part of your work or career, you’ll find it very rewarding, especially once you see that the final product is a huge success. However, if cooking is one of your regular activities, then you will need to make sure you are wearing the right outfit – clothes, shoes and all – to ensure that you won’t feel uncomfortable when performing your tasks. In this article, we will guide you on knowing exactly what you should be wearing when you cook.

Hairnets or Kitchen Hat

For those with long hair, following the health and safety standards, which involves tying your hair back, is essential. In this case, your options include hairnets or kitchen hat.

A white hat, one that you’ll most likely imagine if you’re asked to describe a chef, is beneficial as it prevents your hair from getting into your eyes. Another option is a skull cup, which works well for those with short yet overgrown hair. Such cup rests perfectly atop your head and tends to reach your ears.

You can also go for a head scarf, which works for both short and long hair. It seems like a big neckerchief, which you can tie around your forehead or the back part of your head.

Then there is the hairnet. While it does not seem to match the white hat often used by chefs, rest assured that it can do its intended job. Wear it to prevent your hair from falling over the foods you’re preparing.

Protective Clothing

If you’re constantly in the kitchen and it’s a part of your work, then consider investing in protective clothes. Go for protective clothing made of natural fabrics or cotton, as such materials can make you feel comfortable. However, do note that it does not protect you from a fire.

If you’re planning to invest in a protective clothing, check out its brand, cost and material before purchase. Aside from cotton and natural fabrics, you can also go for those made of spun poly protective materials. An advantage of such material is the high level of comfort it provides. Wearing it can make you feel comfortable as if you’re wearing a clothing made of cotton. Furthermore, there is no need for you to iron it. It should not shrink, as well.

Non-slip Kitchen Shoes

Non-slip kitchen shoes should also form part of your overall outfit. Your outfit when cooking is never complete if you don’t wear such footwear. Keep in mind that being in the kitchen, either for work or just part of your regular activities, is tough.

If you’re a cook, chef or a part of a kitchen crew, then the challenges and difficulties are even higher because you’ll need to be on your feet for several hours. Some kitchens are also dangerous because of the sharp and heavy items, as well as hot foods and liquids in there.

If you want to reduce your risk of dealing with accidents from the mentioned hazards, then it’s advisable to invest in a good pair of non-slip kitchen shoes. Make sure it is well-cushioned, comfortable and capable of supporting your feet for long hours.

Also, the anti-slip kitchen shoe should have proper traction. It should feature deep grooves in the outer soles, as such prevent the risk of falling or slipping. Furthermore, it should have plenty of high-quality and healthy features.

Some of the most important ones are breathable synthetic or leather uppers, heel stabilisation to improve stability, sturdy outsoles that promote long-lasting wear, and removable insoles that can handle custom inserts.


It is important to be appropriately dressed when you cook especially when you do it often. We hope the information provided above will make you make the right choice for your cooking attire. Have fun! If you are serious about cooking, you may want to check out some of the best butcher knives that make the cut too!

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