What Is MOT & Why Do You Have To Get It Done?

The MOT is a mandatory test to be handled if you drive a vehicle in the UK. The test is made compulsory by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), through the DOT (Department of Transport) post all vehicles turning three years. It ensures that cars on the street are safe, roadworthy and their emissions meet the expectations of the UK. If they haven’t gone through the test cannot be driven on anything considered a road, which could be smaller lanes eventually leading to highways.

What are the primary checks conducted by the MOT?

The MOT test does a thorough check of the basics of the vehicle. Since it came about a few decades back, it doesn’t handle the in-depth features and technology in newer vehicles. The main inspections include checking the engine and making sure the vehicle exhaust isn’t crossing the safe mark. Inspectors go through the dashboard verifying all indicators and double-checking that all sections of the car are working properly. They review all the lights of the vehicle from headlights, indicators, and hazard lights to make sure the car is safe on the streets.

Another major requirement is the windscreen and its clarity. The driver should always be able to see through it. They check for the view through the windscreen, making sure there is enough cleaning liquid under the hood so it can always be cleared when required. This is mainly done to protect the drivers view from dust and dirt.

Certain rules have to be followed by all car owners, no matter what, many of these are overlooked while others are sidestepped. However, at the time of the MOT inspection, these should be followed too since they are grounds for failing the vehicle. One such example is the licence plate requirement. There are specific requirements about the font style and font size for vehicle registration numbers, these have to be maintained. If the vehicle’s plates do not match the requirements, it might not be able to pass the test and reappear.

Have the MOT tests helped create safer streets?

There have been multiple people within the organisation who believe getting the car regularly tested is a good thing. It helps make sure cars are safe, without any major fatal accidents. In recent years, the number of deaths from accidents caused due to vehicles malfunctions has significantly dropped. This is one of the most positive aspects of the MOT tests. Furthermore, cars are also now built with multiple security features and fail-safes to prevent this from happening.

A recent study pointed out that there is no evidence to state that the reduced accidents are due to the MOT test, but the counter was, if not for the tests, there would be an additional amount of accidents caused due to vehicle malfunctioning as well.

If vehicles are coming close to the end of their MOT validity, they should renew them since the penalties for driving a car without having passed their MOT tests are high.

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