The Weirdest Taste Combinations In The World

There are so many different flavours, spices, and tastes out there and while food combinations are nothing new, there are some extremely strange taste fusions that would make most people cringe just at the thought. However, several of these seemingly weird taste pairings just so happen to create deliciously unique flavours. Here are 10 of the most outrageously weird taste creations that people seem to love. 


1. Chili Chocolate

Chili chocolate tastes as exotic as you would imagine; the spicy taste of red chili combined with the aromatic flavour of dark chocolate liquor makes for an undeniably exhilarating taste. Even though this combination may seem unusual, it has been around for centuries and the decadent treat is widely available in grocery stores around the world. The spicy chocolate is usually enjoyed as is, although, there’s no limit on how to enjoy the exotic tasting chocolate combo as there are several exciting dessert recipes that make use of it. The history of this odd chocolate concoction can be traced back to the Mayans, who seem to be the first ancient civilization to have recorded their use of chocolate and chili together.

2. Sea Salt Chocolate

If chili chocolate doesn’t excite your taste buds, sea salt chocolate surely will. The unique pairing of sea salt and chocolate is a lot more popular than you may have thought. Large chunks of crystalized sea salt provide an impressively tasty crunch to chocolate and the flavour of the salt somehow enhances the taste of the chocolate, which is why this odd flavour blend continues to grow in popularity.

3. Pineapple On Pizza

While the ongoing debate about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza suggests that a large number of people find the union simply appalling, numerous die-hard fans of the sweet and savoury ‘Hawaiin Pizza’ ensure that the food combo is surely here to stay. The world may be under the impression that the first to put pineapple on pizza must have been the Hawaiin’s, as the pizza name suggests, it actually originated in Canada. Sam Panopoulus is the legendary Greek-born man that moved to Canada in his 20’s where he came up with the odd creation that will be debated for generations to come.

4. Orange Juice And Cereal

It is quite possible that the first person to have invented this strange concoction could have simply been in an extreme hurry and decided to save time by throwing orange juice into their cereal. However, despite the absurd thought or this combination, people seem to love it. Much like pineapple and pizza, this combo has also received widespread debate. However, the debate simply won’t stop people from enjoying this breakfast blend. Unfortunately, it is not exactly known where this strange pairing originated from or why.

5. Vanilla Ice Cream And Soy Sauce

Vanilla ice cream drizzled in creamy chocolate sauce is just one of many ways to top your ice cream. However, vanilla ice cream doused in soy sauce just does not seem right. Regardless of this weird taste combination sounding quite awful, the sweet and salty tastes actually make for an amazingly mouthwatering fusion of tastes, according to those that have dared to try it. This unusual dessert was created in Tokyo and even though it is somewhat unheard of, it has also been around for ages.

6. Avocados And Chocolate

Avocados are undoubtedly millennials favourite superfood and while avo and toast may be a revolutionary combo, avo and chocolate are significantly less popular. The pairing may not seem so appealing, however, considering the smooth and creamy savoury taste of avocado really could compliment the aromatic and sweet taste of quality dark chocolate, the weird mixture may not be all that bad. This union of two decadent treats is relatively new and it could be assumed that millennials founded the unusual pairing and there are tons of avo and chocolate dessert recipes to try.

7. Peanut Butter And Apples

This strange combo may sound like it originated from a pregnant women’s cravings, although, South Africans are behind the odd combo. Even though many may find this taste pairing revolting, the sweet crunch of the apple seems to greatly complement the smooth nutty flavour of peanut butter to create a deliciously unusual snack. South Africans did not stop there as it seems odd combinations with peanut butter are quite commonly enjoyed.

Experimenting With Flavors

We have all tried some odd taste fusions at some point and even though many are somewhat disgusting, there is really no way of knowing without giving it a try. Creating taste combinations is really not just for the culinary experts, considering most of us experiment with odd seeming dishes and desserts from the comfort of our homes. Weird combinations are celebrated all around the world from bacon and banana to pineapple on pizza, there is no reason why anyone should maintain a boring meal plan rather than enjoy the excitement of exploring unusual food pairings.

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