How to Look Glorious & Best On Your Wedding Day

Think of a wedding in India, and the mind conjures up visions of a bride in a shimmering, traditional saree with a matching blouse and accessories. Well, this is how it has always been for decades and centuries! Nonetheless, would you modern mindsets not love a change? Now, it is not necessary to deviate completely from age-old practices. However, it is definitely possible to introduce a kind of novelty into the whole picture. Keeping this in mind, couturiers have been coming up with innovative creations in the form of the traditional wedding gown and Indo-Western gowns. Here’s how to look glorious & best on your wedding day.

Just being Indian

You need not witness India’s diversity in its diverse languages, cuisines, lifestyles, etc, alone, but also in its wedding attire. You may opt for donning a heavy saree, a beautiful lehenga-choli with odhni/dupatta, a superbly flowing Anarkali, a gorgeous salwar kameez set, or even a simple gown in pure white. However, in modern times, people have become a little more flexible in their practices. Therefore, no one minds even if you do not move in alignment with customs of yesteryears. Understand that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Keep it memorable!

Remaining Traditional

Do note that the term, ‘gown does not possess the conventional global definition in this kind of a scenario. In India, even a saree is a traditional bridal gown. However, a saree may cling and prove uncomfortable at times, especially in lieu of the fact that you have to go through numerous rituals for a lengthy duration. A stunning and roomy, albeit with a traditional touch, designer lehenga-choli in brilliant red, or similarly bright colours, may prove far more comfortable, instead! Add to that intricately designed, glowing, real gold jewellery, and you will glitter, gleam and shine throughout the most important day of your life!

Something New

Now, if you are from a highly liberal family that is not too entangled in traditions and customs, you may decide to ditch the saree or lehenga-choli altogether, and go for a western-style wedding gown instead! It should work very well in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. At the same time, do not go overboard with the cuts or patterns. It would be nice to remain with simple and straight cuts exhibiting an A-line form, thereby making you look like a real princess!

East meets West

You could be beginning a novel fashion trend with fusion wear, wherein the best of both worlds is on public display! For instance, some innovative couturier has come up with a chic-looking lehenga possessing a trail. It is as if your wedding gown is beginning from the east and ending in the west! Whatever is the case, you should be able to fulfil your dream of wearing an Indo Western gown at your wedding! Additionally, designers are experimenting with diversity in colours and shades too, specifically pastel hues.

You should be different, especially on your own wedding day! Should you don a bewitching, traditional saree or a magnificent lehenga? If you are the bold type, go in for fusion wear!

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