Wan Hao Crabs Feast – The Best Of Sri Lankan Crabs Singapore

From 2 October to 30 November 2018, award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant will pique the appetites of traditionalists and gourmands with a scintillating menu of enticing crab creations that present both classic and creative interpretations. From dim sums to à la carte specialities to set menus, you can be sure that each of these well-thought dishes will captivate your palate with the heavenly flavours of Wan Hao Crabs Feast, interplayed with carefully-selected ingredients as well as astute cooking techniques.

Wan Hao Crabs Feast – Highlight Dishes

Also known as mud crabs, the famed Sri Lankan crabs are renowned for their snow white, succulent and fleshy meat that bursts with fresh, sweet flavours. Noteworthy Wan Hao Crabs Feast Dim Sum highlights include Steamed Four-season Crab Meat Dumpling (四季蟹肉饺) ($8++ per 2 pieces); Pan-fried Crab Meat and Pork Bun (青葱蟹肉香煎包) ($8++ per 2 pieces); Deep-fried Netted Rice Roll with Crab Meat and Prawn (银网双鲜卷) ($10++ per 2 pieces). À la carte creations not to be missed encompass of Braised Sri Lankan Crab in White Pepper Superior Stock (白胡椒斯里兰卡蟹煲) ($50++ per portion); Deep-fried Sri-Lankan Crab with Spiced Chicken Floss (风味肉松斯里兰卡蟹) ($50++ per portion); Deep-fried Sri Lankan Crab with Salted Egg and Oatmeal (黄日麦香斯里兰卡蟹) ($50++ per portion); Braised Sri Lankan Crab in Szechuan Ma La Sauce (麻辣干烧斯里兰卡蟹) ($50++ per portion), and more.

Incorporating a twist on the traditional White Pepper Crab and elevating this delicacy to new heights is the Braised Sri Lankan Crab in White Pepper Superior Stock. The base of the stock comprising of old fowl, chicken feet, and more are boiled for four to six hours to enable the nutrients of these ingredients to seep through – resulting in a stock that is intensely rich, nutritious and flavourful. Add white pepper as well as the prized hard-shelled crustacean, and the taste of this creation is elevated to new heights.

Another refreshing yet familiar and tasty Wan Hao Sri Lankan Crabs dish is the Deep-fried Sri Lankan Crab with Spiced Chicken Floss. Chicken floss is a popular local snack that holds a place in the hearts of many Singaporeans. With this in mind, the Sri Lankan Crab is deep-fried to perfection so that the meat stays firm and sweet before it is sheathed with spiced Chicken Floss – tantalising the taste buds with a harmony of salty and sweet flavours, accompanied with an addictive aroma.

If you can’t get enough of salted egg, satiate your cravings with Deep-fried Sri Lankan Crab with Salted Egg & Oatmeal. Deep-fried at a very high temperature to give a delightfully crisp exterior and doused with a generous amount of creamy golden Salted Egg goodness, this crustacean’s firm meat is the perfect foil for the addictive concoction, along with crispy oatmeal for that satisfying crunch. For lovers of “Mala”, go for the Braised Sri Lankan Crab in Szechuan Ma La Sauce. Heralded by bold and unique Szechuan flavours, this bright orange crab boasts fleshy, juicy and sweet crab meat bathed with an aromatic mix of Szechuan spices, egg and onion, complete with a satisfying, spicy kick. Like Mala.

Wan Hao Crabs Feast

Address: 320 Orchard Road, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel | Date: 2 October to 30 November 2018 | Dim Sums – from $8++ (for 2 pieces) | À la carte delicacies – from $22++ each | Set Menus – from $68++ per person

For dining reservations, please call 6831 4605 or visit singaporemarriott.com/dining.

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