4 Unique Things You Must Do While Visiting Aruba

Aruba is one of the best places to go to for a vacation, whether if you are going as a family or solo. Not only is it one of the safest countries in the Carribean, but there are so many activities you can do that you will truly enjoy. Here are some of them listed below.

1. See the flamingoes

You’ve probably seen it all over social media. Tourists flocking to Aruba and taking pictures with those cute pink birds that always look elegant. But take note that these birds are not found just on any beach in Aruba. The flamingo beach in Aruba is found at Renaissance Island. It’s actually a private island and so you will need to plan to make sure that your wish of seeing the exotic birds will be fulfilled. Since the island is owned by Renaissance Aruba Resort, only guests of the hotel will have the exclusive access to the island. So make sure to book your stay at this luxury hotel as you would surely enjoy not only your access to Renaissance Island and the flamingo beach, but you will also enjoy all the world-class amenities the hotel has to offer.

2. Take a hike through Arikok Park

If you’ve had your fair share of the beach already and you want something a little different, then head on over and explore over 7000 acres of lush surroundings at Arikok National Park. This area actually comprises 20% of the country so you can imagine just how big it is. You’ll see some exotic animals and cacti that have been around for centuries. You can explore the limestone caves to see the Arawak Indian drawings or hike through the trails to see some quartz on the road where you are walking. For an amazing panoramic view of the park, go to Jamanto Hill, which is the highest point on the island.

3. Go Diving 

If you’re the type to enjoy what’s under the sea more than just laying around at the beach, then Aruba is the perfect place to go to. You might think that there are better places to go to if it’s diving you want to experience, but not many people realize just how rich Aruba is when it comes to wreck diving specifically. Some of the specific wrecks you can go to include the SS Antilla, which is known as the Ghost Ship of ¬†Aruba. Because of its size of about 400 feet, you’ll never lack spaces to explore. Other wrecks you can visit is the Pedernales Wreck, which is an oil tanker sunk by Germany during World War 2. This is a great site for those who are only starting because it is easy to navigate.

4. See the sunset at California Lighthouse

Witnessing a sunset in the Carribean should be on everyone’s bucket list and the 55 meter California lighthouse is one of the best places to see it from. The lighthouse got its name from a British steamsAruba. Make sure to visit this place right before sunset so that you can enjoy the warm glow of the sun just before it disappears over the horizon.

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