Visit Torrox – Destination With The Best Climate In Europe

The Malaga province is known throughout Europe as a prime summer holiday destination, but did you know that statistically speaking, it’s also the best place to live climate wise? The coastal town of Torrox proudly holds this trophy in particular. Relatively unknown for mass tourism, Torrox is located in the Axarquia region of Malaga sandwiched between the majestic mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. 

The town is made up of two appealing parts, Torrox Costa which as its name means, lies directly on the seafront and Torrox Pueblo with its compelling Spanish charm just 4 kilometres inland. The area even plays on the fact that it has the near perfect climate calling itself: “Mejor Clima de Europa” with an average year-round temperature of 18 degrees.

Surrounded by the beautiful Sierra de Almijara mountain range, Torrox Pueblo is your typical Andalusian white village with a population of 13,000 inhabitants.

With its narrow, steep streets full of flower boxes overflowing with geraniums, Torrox has been spared the mass tourism that has affected other towns in the region. In fact, it is almost like stepping back in time to a quieter, gentler age where no one was in a hurry to do anything.

Torrox Costa, on the other hand, is a place where holidaymakers come to spend hours on the beach before an evening at one of the many bars and restaurants that dot the town’s main boulevard. Bear in mind that getting from Torrox village to the coast is not a ‘walk in the park’. Your best bet for getting around in the hilly Malaga province is to hire a car from Malaga airport where you will have more choice to weigh up suitable transport.

With a history dating back to the Roman Empire, the Axaraquía region of Malaga has not become commercialized to the extent that the west side of Málaga has while managing to keep its traditions and unspoilt nature intact.

To this day the region is predominantly agricultural with olives, almonds, mangos and avocados all growing in abundance. In fact, the climate is so beneficial to almonds that they bloom sooner in Torrox than any other part of Spain. The town quite proudly boasts about its weather and has the facts to back it up following a study was done by a large hotel chain to assess where in Europe had the best year-round weather.

During the study, Greece and the Eastern side of the Mediterranean, which includes the resorts in Turkey, were found to be susceptible to storms while the area around Torrox could go months without seeing a drop of rain. During the summer Torrox has a maximum temperature of 32 degrees and an average of 24.5 degrees in June, 26.4 degrees in July and 27 degrees in August.

The science behind Torrox’s favourable climate is the fact it lies between the sea and the mountains, creating a microclimate that is as near to perfect as you can find anywhere.

The 5 Best things to do in Torrox and nearby Nerja


This archaeological area is easily found on foot, as the Torrox Lighthouse towers over part of it as a location reference or nearest landmark. This ‘treasured’ discovery consists of an ancient Roman burial ground, production kilns for ceramic items, Roman baths, a Roman villa and a curing factory dating from 1st -4th century AD.


Built to keep ships from running aground in 1864, the 23 metres-high circular stonework tower is the home to a double gallery lantern and a maritime museum. This humble structure lies in a picturesque courtyard with whitewashed walls, which is an ideal backdrop for a family photo.


If you happen to be in Torrox during one of its three hundred days of sunshine, don’t miss the opportunity to go sea kayaking along the towering cliffs. Maro Beach, the cascading waterfalls and the Route of the Pirates are all things the entire family can enjoy together. What’s more, hiring a kayak is affordable and easy to at Laguna beach on Torrox Costa at the diving centre called Black Frog divers.


The area around Torrox has some of the best diving to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean and in particular the Marine Nature Reserve with its abundance of sea life. Octopus, eels and cuttlefish are a common sight in these waters and expert instructors at the local diving centre mentioned above, will be excited to share with you new discoveries.


In order to enjoy the real feel of Torrox life, there is nothing more relaxing than staying in a pretty bed and breakfast that does not break the bank. Situated in the perfect location of southeastern Costa del Sol, La Casa Luthel is in between both Torrox and Nerja.

Instead of overspending on Nerja hotels, la Casa Luthel Torrox is more affordable, and yet just minutes away from Nerja town. This family-run bed and breakfast boast about having its serene setting in the most delightful of surroundings. The peace and tranquillity of this countryside location make it the perfect spot to switch off from the hectic lifestyle, to take it easy and unwind.

Discovering wildlife is always an added bonus and this area does not disappoint. For the keen ‘twitcher’ there are various eagles that can be spotted overhead such as the booted and golden eagle. There’s also a herd of entertaining donkeys that enjoy life nearby the accommodation, in a large crescent-shaped field. Try to pause and observe their amusing behaviour on your next morning walk. These adorable mammals have endearing quirks and are just as curious of each passerby. These are just two of the many animals you will have the opportunity encounter.

With uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean Sea and countryside, the Torrox Casa will be a great base for your tour of Torrox.

You may prefer letting off steam on an adventure holiday exploring Torrox’s esteemed highlights. Or you may opt for basking in Torrox’s easy-going and socializing character. With plenty of things to see and do here, the ‘world is your oyster’.  For your next trip, why not visit this unassuming town with big appeal and at the same time of enjoying its beautiful climate in the Costa Del Sol.

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