Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Plan To Visit Romania

When anyone talks about Romania, many people visualize a melancholic country with sad farmers ploughing their farms and streets riddled with communist era buildings stacked like dominos along concrete roads. While this is not necessarily a wrong observation, Romania is more than that. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit Romania. 

1. Transylvania

Transylvania, a place well known around the world as the home of the mythical vampire Dracula. However, fairy tales aside, Transylvania is a land that is beautifully preserved, riddled with beautiful castles, churches, mysterious monasteries, and old villages. The medieval architecture makes for a beautiful tourist destination, for those who prefer a sense of travelling back in time.

2. Delicacies

Another reason to visit Romania could be to sample a wide array of their delicacies, which are influenced by their history. These dishes are influenced by German, Turkish, Austrian, Hungarian and even Greek cultures. This infusion really makes it worth sampling their dishes, mainly focused on meat, cabbage and tripe. The helpings are very generous and are served with sides of cheese and polenta, therefore you should you visit an eatery in Romania on an empty stomach you can be well assured that you will be more than satisfied before you leave, all at a very affordable price.

3. Value for money

Many people planning for a getaway or for a vacation more often than not have a huge budget that takes a lot of time to develop. Many tourists spend a fortune when they go out and though it does help them achieve their leisure goals, it does leave behind a huge hole in their pockets. Well, rather than spending fortunes making trips to exotic locations, why not visit Romania. The Romania experience will surely fill your tourism desire, and as a bonus, it will be very affordable, and you will have some money left at the end of your trip. Romania has a slowly growing economy, which is bad news for the nationals, but for the tourists, it does make up for an alternatively cheap visit in comparison to a number of other European countries.

4. The beauty

Romania is one beautiful country, no argument. It has some of the wildest nature in Europe, including a huge population of bears. Apart from that, Romania has plenty of locations that improve its aesthetic. The beautiful architecture in the country is unrivalled. The countryside is saturated with history and is populated by numerous beautiful castles and old churches. Some towns also have walls and these designs are especially heavenly for those who love medieval architecture. In addition to this, the Carpathian mountain range is a sight to behold. The snow-capped mountain ranges more or less split the country into two halves; Wallachia and Transylvania. These ranges provide for a beautiful destination for hikers and snow lovers.

5. The people

It is very important to know about the locals before planning for a visit, as this largely affects how your stay will go. Well, good news! Romanians are majorly good natured and are very engaging as they interact with others. They are very interesting people to relate with and they have no problems striking up conversations wherever you may be. Many of them are bilingual making conversations smooth and easy.

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