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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland In The Next Winters

Iceland is dramatic and unpredictable. Unlike what people assume, this northern country is warmer than cities like NY. The average temperature lies between 2 to 10 degree Celsius. The country comes with the mental image of stone cold mountains and ice cold lakes but that is an incomplete representation. The country has everything that a traveller desires from vast oceans to rich cultural heritage. Iceland is also filled with natural miracles and patient warm Icelanders. It’s quite fascinating how such a scarcely populated country has done so progressively in fields of technology and education. Here are top 5 reasons why you should visit Iceland in the next winters including Iceland hiking tours.

What makes Iceland unique as a travel destination?

The country is known to rank 3rd as the happiest country in the world. Icelanders are very-open minded and have a 99% literacy rate. They elected their first female president in the 1980s and banned strip clubs in 2010. The country and its people have never stopped learning in their lives, to make it better.

They still believe in the presence of ghosts and elves

It is known that some households still have small elf houses in their gardens. Interestingly there is an elves school in the capital city of Reykjavik. Here you can hear and learn about these mystical creatures that form a part of the country’s cultural fabric. So if you are a blogger waiting to refresh your content and get your creative juices flowing, do it in Iceland.

The whole country’s power requirement is taken care of hydroelectric and geothermal energy sources

This small country is independent when it comes to its power requirements. The Icelanders never switch off their lights, making the cities look even more wonderful at night.

The country publishes the most number of books per capita and writers in the world.

So if you are a writer of any kind be it a book writer or an essay writer, this should be your go-to destination. The climate and the cosy ambience in this location will keep your creative juices flowing as a writer.

The harsh weathers and the expenses are what keep travellers from hitting this destination. But believe me, when I say this, that is a bit of an exaggerated expression. Iceland is absolutely doable as a destination if planned well ahead and with thorough research. By now you understand how wonderful the country is throughout the year. But travelling to Iceland in winters has a different charm and advantage. I am listing down 5 killer reasons to visit Iceland in the winters

1. The otherwise expensive country is relatively less pricey during winters

The country is ranked 5th most expensive country in the world. This is one reason why travellers think twice before deciding on this location. Thanks to the extreme weather conditions in Iceland during winters, far fewer tourists venture here. The prices of travel and accommodation fall down significantly during the off-season. If you plan ahead, you can save a lot of money travelling in seasons when their business is low. The country has some rich and flavorful food histories in the European sub-continent.

2. The scarcely populated tourist destinations

The country is filled with marvels of all kinds. Be it the underground Volcanos that erupted thousands of years ago or the black sand beaches, lesser the people the better. Travelling in winters gives you the advantage of fewer people who are new in destinations like these. Off-seasons are the time when the locals can manage time to interact with you. If you are someone waiting to exchange culture with localities there, winter should be your game plan.

3. The northern lights

These are a natural phenomenon which creates beautiful green and purple lights in the skies. These are created with the right proportion of solar activity, darkness, clarity of sky and pollution. You can expect to see green light dancing in clear winter skies if you are lucky enough. Winters between November to December are the best time to spot these charmers. Imagine yourself in a warm Kafka sipping your favourite tea while watching these magnificent lights dance.

4. The snorkelling and diving experiences and the whale watching

Snorkelling and diving activities are done in the famous Silfra. You can dive and go snorkelling between tectonic plates while watching underwater life. The water here is chilling cold and remains the same throughout the year and has great crystal clear visibility. You are given a dry suit to save you from the freezing cold water while you move between the ravines. Whale watching tours start from the capital city and take you deep into the ocean while telling you stories of all kinds. The talk about their mythology and also about the different kinds of whales, while you see dolphins hopping by.

5. Ice caves and hot spring baths

Ice caves are formed during winters and start melting as soon as the spring season comes in. It is impossible to see and move inside Ice tunnels and caves during any other season. It gets highly risky without the right tools and equipment. You can take guided tours where your guide will take you through tunnels avoiding creaks on Ice that might be risky. Once you get tired of all the hiking and snorkelling you can take a dip in the famous Hot springs of Iceland, Blue Lagoon and Myvatn. These hot springs are known to soothe your mind and sore muscles.

Plan your trip ahead and decide on all the basics of food and travel before flying to the country. If planned well and ahead, every destination is possible.  Tell us about your Iceland trip in the comments section.

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