Visit Canada – Travel Tips & What to See On Your Vacation

Are you planning to spend your vacation in Canada? Before you visit Canada, you must ensure that a valid passport in your pocket. You need to process a Canada eta (electronic travel authorization) document if you will be travelling by air. Even if you hold a passport, it is a must that you apply for an ETA. This requirement does not apply to Canadian citizens, including, permanent residents and dual citizens. The Canada eta will allow anyone to visit Canada up to six months. We are here to share preparation tips and what you should see on your vacation. 

Visit Canada – Trip Preparation

Your travelling and vacation to Canada should meet the following criteria:

  • You must ensure that your travel document like the passport is valid.
  • You must be in good health.
  • Past and present records should be free from criminal or immigration-related convictions.
  • You should positively convince an immigration officer that you are either visiting close ties or job, home, vacation, family or financial assets.
  • You should also convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada immediately your visiting time lapses.
  • Must have a substantial amount of money during your stay.

While on your summer vacation in Canada, these are the best and stunning spot you should visit and spend your precious time:

Churchill, Manitoba

Full of animals and is the best place for animal lovers. Get close to some of Canada’s wildlife like friendly swimming beluga whales and hundreds of birds flying through on their annual migrations. While in Churchill, this is what you should do; use your binoculars such as a Cayzor or Bushnell to catch sight of different native birds, moose, wolves and late season polar bear.

Prince Edward County, Ontario

Over the years, Prince Edward County has been categorized to have a stunning and quiet pebbly beach. It also has fields which are open and I bet they make you forget the far you travelled from. There are plenty of wineries, farmer’s markets and friendly gorgeous bike paths. Among the events, you will do includes; visiting elegant hotels and restaurants for dinner and cocktail. Best meals are served due to their farm-to-table approach. High season begins in May through summer.

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

This is a little sweet small town with rich history and modest ambience. This place is famous for its annual celebration of the Scottish culture. Take your time and attend this colourful event with various competitions among them; drumming, bagpiping, and highland dancing. You should plan your vacation for the first week of July.

Canmore, Alberta

This little town strategically sits in between the soaring mountains and the glacier-fed-rivers. Canmore’s downtown is very cute making it stand out as the best-suited destination for wilderness nerds or weeds. The place is will contoured for canoeing, mountain bike and dog sledging. Pitch your tent and spend your moment camping and fishing not forgetting the best hiking experience. It’s best for nature walk due to glacial meltwaters. Plan to travel to this wonderful section of Canada in late June.

Kelowna,  British Columbia

This is a place known to be the home of the vast range of wines highly ranked best and of top quality in Canada. It lies at the centre of Okanagan valley and shores of Lake Okanagan. Catch the glimpse of the lake and debate with your partner which winery to visit in such a summertime. Taste several wines as you can in the lovely afternoons of August.

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