4 Must-Do Experiences When You Visit Arkansas, USA

Thinking about taking the family on a tour through the majesty of the continental United States? Rented an RV, marked up maps, charged all the portable power banks, everyone is ready to go. Time to have the adventure of a lifetime and make plenty of memories to share with all the distant relatives. But which states are in the plan? What activities are family-friendly in these states? We recommend that you visit Arkansas and here are the 4 must-do experiences there!

If you end up in this part of the country, a beautiful state that should be on all travel bucket lists is Arkansas, where you’ll find plenty of activities for the entire family to enjoy. Nestled between the Mid-West and the South, Arkansas doesn’t get the love it deserves, often called names like “almost Kansas” and “Ar-Kansas”. But after just one visit, the truly unique spirit of this state becomes apparent. Arkansas has activities for families inclined towards enjoying the outdoors and those who prefer indoor recreation. No matter the preference, after leaving the state, everyone will be asking “when can we go back?”

1. Hot Springs National Parks

This national park is the hot spot for all tourists going through Arkansas, offering a stunning view of 40+ thermal springs. The Superior Bathhouse at Hot Springs National Park, once an actual bathhouse, is now a brewery – the only brewery in a National Park, and the only one to use thermal spring water to brew its beer!

The park offers other amenities as well – there are more than 30 hiking trails to explore with the little ones, as well as a hot water cascade for the parents to relax. For those bringing their furry friends along for the road trip, there are even campsites that allow pets. It is also a very accessible park for those who are differently abled.

2. Outdoor activities

Following the theme of becoming one with Mother Nature, Arkansas has plenty of options for families that want to tackle adventures together. There are many national parks to hike, camp, and bird watch in. The state boasts gorgeous nature reserves where kids can explore and learn about different plant and wildlife species.

When travelling through Arkansas, there are also opportunities to take bike tours or rent ATVs and go through the wilderness of the state at whatever pace desired. Tied to this, there are also dive tours for those who are diving fans. These are all opportunities for families to bond while exploring the nature of the state. Find out more adventurous and exciting trails at https://atvaonline.com/guide-best-trails-usa/.

Arkansas also has spectacular rivers to kayak or canoe in. For recommendations, websites like http://www.campvec.org/places-to-kayak-near-me offer the best places for families to sink their toes in the fun of river rafting, kayaking, or canoeing.

3. Aquatic Centers

Arkansas has a couple different aquatic centres to let families have some water park fun. These parks include lazy rivers and group activities for kids. A few prominent centres include Clarksville, Prairie Grove, and Rogers Aquatic Centers.

They are located all across the state of Arkansas, which could easily tie into whatever road trip plan ends up working out the best. Many of these places have food areas and rest stations for the parents to relax while their kids play.

4. Shopping

No, the shopping scene in Arkansas may not be as big as it is in a state like New York, but those travelling through always end up surprised at the variety of shops available.

They have artist galleries, outdoor equipment stores, spas (for after driving a long time), and plenty of antique stores all located in the state. If passing through Ozark, a city in Arkansas, there is a historic downtown to explore as well.

Whether it is a small stop or a prolonged stay, Arkansas is a state with a lot of potentials that should not be overlooked. A visit to this beautiful state is not one you’ll soon forget, especially if you love the great outdoors!  

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