How Video Games Help People Bond

You probably can’t recall how many times your parents or other people express their disdain for video games. “Why don’t you go out and play a real game?” “Put those headphones away and talk to people!” “Are you going to sit there all day?” Yeah, no doubt you hear those words now and then. While it’s true that humans need physical interaction, is playing video games that dreadfully detrimental to social life? 

What Science Says

There is a reason why the video game industry is a billion-dollar business. Playing video games has become so wildly popular worldwide that the industry is predicted to be worth 200 billion dollars by the year 2023. In America alone, 75% of households have at least one video gamer, and over 164 million adults play video games.

Because of its growing popularity, parents, psychologists, and health professionals expressed concern about the possible negative impact of playing video games, especially among children. Does playing video games adversely affect a child’s social and psychological development? Interestingly, science says no; in fact, it is quite the opposite. 

While video games won’t contribute to physical stamina and aptitude, it may improve creativity, perception, memory, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Researchers have found out that most online gaming conversations are either socio-emotional or task-oriented in nature. Most of these dialogues are approximately three times more positive than negative, which means young gamers interact with each other in a mostly friendly way.

With all that being accounted for, what possible video game should you consider as a social activity? Let’s take a look at one.

The Forest– Get Lost in the Undergrowth of Multiplayer Gaming

Few video games are meant to enjoy in the company of others than The Forest. In fact, the game is no fun to play alone at all! What should you expect out of this grotesquely delightful game?

Well, if you’re familiar with Lost, the plot is cut in the same cloth. You are put in the shoes of a father who survived a disastrous plane crash, hoping to find your son and possibly other survivors, only to discover that the very ground you are stepping on is littered with frightening cannibalistic humanoids. These hideous monstrosities make sure you feel their presence, whether it’s letting out a bestial grunt from a distance, laughing at you after a feint attack, or quietly patrolling your abode.

The Forest has the same elements as other survival games, but it does a terrific job of introducing them in unique ways. As I’ve said, playing Multiplayer Co-op is the best way to enjoy the game, and perhaps you can make it more interesting by having a leg up on the competition by checking out The Forest cheats on this page. Personally, I only recommend using The Forest cheats if you’re playing with a complete noob, but if you want the ultimate experience, it’s always best to do it the hard way.

The Bottom Line

Contrary to what our parents might be thinking, there is much more to video games than blankly staring at the screen. Of course, I’m not telling you to give up physical interaction altogether and play video games for 15 consecutive hours. However, science has already spoken in favor of playing video games as an excellent way of socialization. 

Speaking of socializing, a great video game to meet new friends is The Forest. The majority of gamers favour its Multiplayer Co-op mode, partly to make it less scary and partly to rub shoulders with the other dudes in the gaming community. Whatever the case, the game is definitely worth playing as a party. 

One more thing about video games is, before I begin playing, I want to know as much as I can about it. It helps me see what it’s all about and what I’d expect out of it. If you do want to take that route like me, I would suggest looking up Gammicks as a pretty cool video games information source.

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