Unleash The Composer in You with Panasonic eSymphony

Being the top consumer electronic company delivering eco-friendly technology, Panasonic Asia has recently launched their eSymphony Studio in support of their on-going green initiative for the environment. I am thrilled to be invited to the eSymphony Bloggers Event at The Screening Room.

Once everyone has been issued their personal laptop with wireless access and a set of login username and password, our lovely host kick-started the event with a quick introduction of Panasonic Asia, their past efforts towards eco-friendliness and their challenge for all attending bloggers for the morning.


We were all supposed to create our own electronic music using e-Symphony Studio by Panasonic Asia.


And to make sure that we don’t disturb (or copy) each other during the process, everyone was given a free earphone!


Not everyone is Mozart. Thankfully we are not expected to create an entire music composition from scratch. There are 3 basic background tracks available for us to choose from – Techno (track A), Pop (track B) and Classical (track C).

A musical timeline with empty slots (each equals to 1 seconds) was presented for us to input sounds represented by environmental symbols found below the timeline to enhance our selected background track. We can click on these symbols to hear the sound they represent. The tough part was that some of these sounds were far from being associated with their visuals.

If you are more of a video person, watch this video presentation on ‘How to Play’ to get started.

We were really lucky that all sounds were already unlocked for our selection. Public participants will need to unlock some of the more unique sounds by answering questions. For those really tough questions, you will need to refer to hints which I will share in the later part of my post below. Meanwhile, watch this ‘Unlocking Guide’ video presentation for more information.

Composing music prove to be really tough for most of us. Lucky for us, Panasonic allowed  us to break for lunch and bring our half-baked creation back as homework! You should visit e-Symphony Studio and get your groove going too! Watch this video below for information on Panasonic Asia e-Symphony Competition. There are lots of exciting prizes to be won!

Everyone happily escape downstairs for lunch!


Lunch was not exactly relaxing. Our host went around tables to engage us in an eco-Q&A mini game! Hints are given to bloggers who managed to give the correct answer. Note that these are the coveted hints to unlock the blocked sounds.


After lunch, a monopoly lookalike board game awaits. It’s called the ‘Eco-Poly’.


Cute palms in cheerful colors represent our individual movement on the board!


After a fanatic session of buying, selling and negotiating for hint cards,


I became a millionaire!


Yeah, these are the hints that our team has won! Remember those locked sounds? Use these hints to answer the tough questions to unlock sounds of a running water tap, wind breeze, battery, electricity, leaf etc. With these sounds unlocked, you enjoy free reign to compose a great musical using sounds from the nature and promotes an eco-friendly environment!


Thrilled to be awarded the influencer with the most buzz at the event! Thank you Panasonic Asia for the lovely prize!


Remember to visit e-Symphony Studio and get your groove going. Every piece of symphony submitted through your Facebook account contributes $0.50 towards a chosen environmental cause. Plus, there are lots of exciting prizes to be won! Deadline’s on 23rd July 2012. Go check it out!

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