4 Types Of Mom That You Definitely Know

From playgroup to the first days of our professional lives, our moms have often become your best friends. Let’s be real – there’s nobody you see more during the years to become an adult and no one who understands so well the journey of our lives. Not every mom is perfect though, and sometimes our beloved mothers can be downright exhausting. But we appreciate them for what they really are – supportive, caring, and at times they’re even inspiring. Check out our 4 types of mom that you definitely know, what they’re like & what flowers they best represent.

Type 1: The Life Inspector Mom

Flower type: Tulip. Have you studied for your test? Are you ready for the exams? Do you know that your CGPA is everything? Does this sound seemingly familiar to you, just like your mom? The ‘Life Inspector Mom’ will ensure that their children stay focused on their career path! The best flower to give your worrying mom a break is some tulips, symbolizing the much-needed tranquillity for our life inspector mom. 

Type 2: The #FollowMe Mom

Flower type: Lilies or Alstroemeria. Is your mom trying to make you laugh with her failed attempts on using the dog filter on Snapchat or just wanting to be your best friend? Flowers like Lilies will be the perfect fit for her! It signifies the happy friendships, just like how our #FollowMe Mom tries to establish a friendship with us – sometimes all it takes is helping her to select the right filter. 

Type 3: The Health Freak Mom

Flower type: Carnations. Have you eaten? Taken your vitamins yet? Welcome to the world of the ever worrying and health freak mom. She is always there for her child, and while seeming a bit obsessed, she only means well for you. Send Carnations to her and to tell her that you are thankful for her care and you will take care of yourself!

Type 4: The Household Mom

Flower Type: Red roses. Got a naggy mom at home that keeps nagging everyone, but you still love her? More than anyone, she simply cares about our wellbeing and keeping our surroundings clean as a fertile ground for our own prosperity. Send her red roses to express your thankfulness to her for always caring for everyone at home!

So be honest – have you…

Spotted your mom in the video? Then it’s time to appreciate her with all her traits that seem to bother us at first but deep inside, it’s the pure goodness in our moms that have made us who we are. Happy Mother’s Day!

Source: Flower Chimp

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