Top 14 Destinations You Should Visit When Travelling To Dubai

Dubai, a land filled with landmarks and amazing tourist destinations. If you are traveling to Dubai for the very first time then you will surely be stunned to see the tall towers and the attractive lighting all over the streets. Not only the tall buildings will captivate your attention but Dubai’s culture and traditions are also far more interesting. When traveling to Dubai you should explore it completely, so here are the top 14 destinations for you, so that you don’t waste your time on finding tourist destinations or landmarks.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai mall is one of the largest and finest shopping centers in the world. If you are a shopaholic, then you should visit the Dubai mall as it provides great varieties in clothing, home appliances, home decors, etc. Even if you are a foodie, do not get disgraced as it also contains the finest restaurants. You could also visit the VR Park or watch a thrilling movie in their huge cinemas.

The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai fountain is the largest dance fountain and the most mesmerizing thing to see. The view looks so amazing that you can’t stop yourself from not taking selfies and videos. The color they change at every move and the movement is amazing. As it is located in the Dubai mall only, never miss the dancing fountain.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, a location which is known by each person of this world. Besides its magnificent tallness, it is also home to some of the finest restaurants, the world’s highest swimming pool and the world’s highest observation deck too. Check out the Dubai fountain from its observation deck or just dive in one of the four pools. Do not forget to click pictures in various poses with your family or friends.

Ski Dubai

It is a huge indoor area for skiing and contains temperature close to 0 degrees. Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of Emirates. It opens doors to a thrilling and fun-filled experience. You can fight with snowballs or make snowmen. It also provides other fun activities too and also doesn’t forget to watch the penguin show, you might get lucky to have a picture with a live penguin. Small cafés and restaurants are also located in that region only.


Dubai Aquarium


The Dubai aquarium is a gigantic transparent tank with around 140 different aquatic species. The management allows you to experience the marine life by diving in the tank and let you feed the fishes, but it costs you too much so it is better to just watch and take pictures. 


Mall of Emirates


A shopping center that includes thousands of shops, restaurants, cafés and luxury outlets. The only thing you could do over here is either catch a movie in the VOX Cinemas or shop and eat. Your shopping might end but the varieties the shops provide are out of your imagination. 

Dubai Ice Rink

Are you interested in skating in an Olympic-sized ice skating rink? Then you should run to the nearest business travel agency or any normal travel agency and book your ticket to Dubai. It provides entertainment to people of all ages and the crowd around you just doubles up the excitement. On many occasions, they also create a fake snowfall and the fun just reaches above the height. Do not miss the ice rink, at least try it once.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah beach residence also known as JBR is one of the hottest spots for tourists. It is just like an open mall with shops and boutiques and what not. If you are tired of shopping at every point you can also walk on the shore of the beach. The calm waves and the cool breeze releases all our tension. You could also enjoy the Floating Obstacle Course and challenge your friends. Street art, camel rides, yoga classes and other thousands of activities are waiting for you at the JBR.


A Lego-themed amusement park for children up to 2 years to 12 years. If you are traveling with a kid then you should take the kid to this amusement park. It offers roller coaster rides and water rafting, all based on Legos.

Bollywood Park Dubai

Are you a fan of Indian movies? If yes, then this place is just made for you, as you can watch different shows and music from Indian movies. It is the first Bollywood-themed Park in the world. Enjoy Indian cuisine and sit in the movie-themed roller coaster simulator.

Palm Jumeirah

It is a palm-shaped island which is famous for the Atlantis Hotel, Aquaventure Water Park, and a lot more destinations. If you are a night person then you can relish in the night clubs with DJs and dancers and you can have a romantic dinner with your loved one on one of the restaurants on the beach.

Dubai Miracle Garden

This garden is truly a miracle, as its name says, this garden exhibits 50 million different kinds of species of flowers on a massive piece of land. The beauty of this garden is beyond words and once you are there, the colorful flowers and the beautiful colors will captivate your attention. Many people say that it feels like heaven because of the pleasant smell of the flowers. Have a walk in the miracle garden and release your work stress.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

A traditional market that offers all kinds of Middle Eastern products with a touch of vintage style. Many tourists from all around the world buy items in bulk for their home decoration. The items give a unique touch to your home interior, an Arabic touch. Jewelry items and traditional gifts can be bought from here.


Desert Safari


Rides on dunes in a car and capturing the beauty of the desert very closely. Having a traditional-style meal on the lands of the desert and have a thrilling camel ride.

Enjoy every moment in Dubai because of the experience of happiness you will find there you can’t find anywhere.

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