7 Reasons To Travel To Myanmar

Myanmar’s vibrant ecosystems, gleaming towns, and stunning pagodas have recently sparked the interest of travelers worldwide. Even though Myanmar is growing increasingly popular among international travelers, it retains its traditional allure. Many Burmese customs, such as men wearing the traditional longyi (a sheet of fabric tied around the waist) and chewing betel nuts, women applying Thanakha (a natural sunscreen) to their faces, children going barefoot, and the widespread use of horses and carriages, is still unchanged.

Although Singapore offers a lot of attractions and diversity, delicious gastronomy, and first-world shopping, Singaporeans like to explore other cultures and countries. Travelers who have already visited Vietnam, Cambodia, or Thailand and are searching for a new experience in Southeast Asia cannot go wrong with a trip to Myanmar. Learn about Myanmar visas for Singaporeans, apply, and start planning your next holiday!

Looking for a reason to go? We’ll give you seven. Myanmar, with its stupa-filled plains and majestic golden palaces, as well as its traditional culture and age-old religious rituals, is a place that is still largely untouched by tourists, so there is no better time to visit.

Do you still need convincing? This article will undoubtedly make you reach for your passport.

7 reasons to travel to Myanmar

The Magnificent Temples

In Myanmar, there is a pervasive sense of the otherworld, as if some kind of magic was going on that could not be captured. Bring your spiritual insights to life by immersing yourself in them!

In the center of Yangon, the Shwedagon Pagoda is one of Myanmar’s most treasured landmarks and a must-see. It is nearly 110 meters tall! The “winking wonder,” which is wrapped in gold leaf and adorned with innumerable diamonds and stones, leaves an unforgettable impression.

Balloons over Bagan

Feelings of awe and wonder will strike as you watch the sunrise over Bagan’s hundreds of temples. Starting in 1999, enjoy a view of the Bagan Archaeological Zone from a balloon high in the sky.

Take in Bagan’s breathtaking beauty from above as you pass stupa after stupa for a memorable experience. As Myanmar’s version of Angkor Wat, you’re in for a feast of cultural and historical grandeur with a spectacular top view.

Irresistible local cuisine

The cuisine of Myanmar, like many of its exquisite neighbors, is a combination of tastes, ingredients, and recipes that have combined to create it one of the most sought-after nations among foodies.

Nangyi thoke is a popular main dish in Myanmar, but those looking for something different may like to try the country’s famous tea leaf salad, which is packed with nuts, tea leaves, and shrimp sauce and is one of the most intriguing salads in the entire world.

Friendly locals

Myanmar’s natives are some of the friendliest you’ll ever meet. No one in Myanmar is unwelcoming to foreign tourists, whether in the heart of Yangon or deep in the bush on the route to Inle Lake from Kalaw.

Locals often rush to the aid of tourists who appear even slightly lost. Many locals approach tourists hoping to have a conversation and improve their English skills. There are no frauds or tricks, just lovely people from Myanmar who want to have a conversation.

Untouched glory of natural landscapes

You can’t help but be amazed by Myanmar’s landscapes, whether you’re riding a motorbike through Bagan’s jaw-dropping temples or horseback through Lake Inle’s dusty roads. Beautiful mountains, lovely rural landscapes, and spectacular scenic routes are almost entirely devoid of humans because of the lack of mass tourism. Fortunately, you’ll be able to experience most of these settings in their full splendor.

Local buzzing markets

It’s no secret that Southeast Asians love their markets, and while the neighbors may have bigger ones, none can rival Myanmar’s for the variety of goods you can discover here. The Jade Market in Mandalay is a wonderful example of this.

Usually, without a single tourist in sight, locals examine, cut, purchase, sell, and trade these unique products. You may visit interesting food markets around the country where tourists can see how fresh fish is prepared and eaten by other locals.

Stunning Beaches

While Myanmar isn’t necessarily well-known for its beautiful, white sand beaches, it certainly has its share of exotic beaches. Ngapali Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach, and Chaung Tha Beach are among the best beaches in all of Myanmar, and Singaporean travelers should make an effort to visit all three if possible.

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