10 Things To Remember Before You Travel To A New Destination

It’s getting closer to the end of the year, and many people take this time to travel. Whether it’s an international or domestic location, travelling offers a lifestyle experience that everyone can enjoy. However, before you leave on your journey, here are 10 things to you should remember to check off before you travel to a new destination to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant trip. Let’s clear them off one by one now. 

1. Get a Deal on Your Ticket

There are many different travel agents and online booking sites to book your ticket with. Spend some time looking for deals that include accommodation, flights, and meals. Hotels often offer out of season specials to tourists that are willing to visit their destination. If you get lucky and have good weather, it could be the travel bargain of a lifetime.

2. Don’t Wing the Accommodation

Don’t just arrive at your destination and expect to find accommodation readily available. It’s a prudent move to book ahead of your scheduled stay.

3. Take Care of Your Family

Traveling means leaving elderly parents or other family members at home. Make sure they are prepared for any medical emergency by signing them up with a medical response service, read up more on that here

4. Leave Your Itinerary with Someone Close

Someone close to you should always know your whereabouts. Sending updates on Facebook is not enough. Give a close friend or family member a detailed itinerary in case they need to trace your location.

5. Copy Your Important Documents

Make colour photocopies of your travel documents before you leave. Have the documents verified by a local police station or notary. Leave your passport and sensitive travel documents in the hotel safe.

6. Research Your Destination Thoroughly

Before you step onto the plane, make sure you know where you are visiting. Research your destination online and visit travel forums to ask people about their experiences in the places you intend to visit.

7. Make a Packing List

Create a spreadsheet of all the items you are bringing with you. Laminate the list and keep it in your bag o backpack. This will give you an accurate record of your belongings every time you have to pack your bag on your trip. Never leave anything behind again with your pack list. 

8. Buy a PhraseBook

If you are visiting a foreign land where English is not the home language, buy yourself a phrase book before you leave. The phrasebook will help you learn a few essential words before you land. In the case of an emergency, you can ask locals to read it for you, and they should get a grasp of what you need.

9. Take the Bare Essentials with You

Travel as light as possible. Being charged for overweight luggage can have a severe impact on your travel budget. What’s essential and what can you leave behind?

10. Notify Your Contacts and Clear Your Schedule

Clear your schedule and don’t set any new appointments with clients for the first few days after you are back from your trip. You may experience jet-lag and be too tired to work. Take the time to recover when you return before heading back into your daily lifestyle.

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