10 Lucrative Careers That Are Suitable For A Travel Lover

Travelling around the world is a dream for most. Yet, very few achieve it because of limited resources, especially money. There are other numerous ways to travel around the world. You can easily find jobs that do not require very specialized skills and yet fulfil your dream while satisfying the travel bug. Understandably, the best career that involves travel is working as an airline pilot or cabin crew. Yet, these require highly specialized skills acquired by years of training. Here are some career options that help you travel to several destinations that do not involve learning to fly an aircraft or work for an airline.

1. Onboard Courier

Working as an onboard courier is possible for every female and male who wishes to see several countries or at least, some destinations within your own country. Onboard couriers do not require any specialized skills. All you may require is a passport for foreign travel and willingness to travel at short notice.

Large courier and logistics companies offer this job. As an onboard courier, you will carry lifesaving medicines, live human organs for transplant, extremely expensive jewellery and other precious items to a foreign or domestic destination. Your job is to carry such packages on a person, complete documentation at departure and entry airports, hand over the parcel to the authorized recipient and return. Since the process takes some time, you have to stay at the destination overnight and till you board the return flight. In some cases, your employer may send you from the foreign destination to another country with a different precious package.

2. Rescue & Relief Worker

A rescue & relief worker is often required to travel at short notice to war zones, disaster-stricken areas, countries affected by the epidemic, drought, famine and floods and other calamities. It is a very noble profession since it involves providing humanitarian assistance to survivors of natural and man-made disasters.

Several organizations worldwide hire rescue & relief workers. You get opportunities to utilize your skills in these disaster zones. Since a multitude of services is required for survivors, people with almost any skill can work as rescue & relief workers. Your job can be as simple as cooking and serving food to creating plumbing and drainage systems or even performing complex surgeries, depending upon qualifications and skills. A lot of organizations in this sector function under the umbrella of United Nation. Others are autonomous and depend upon charity.

3. Journalist

Working for a major news network as a journalist provides excellent opportunities to travel to different countries, taste food from foreign cuisines and meet eminent personalities such as heads of state and top businessmen. A lot of news networks hire travel writers. The job involves travelling to different destinations and experiencing life as a tourist. You have to make detailed write-ups or videos of your experiences at the destination of tourist attractions, wine, and food, local culture and shopping.

News networks also hire journalists who can travel to cover major political or sports events, economics, and other hot topics. Airlines and travel companies in some countries take journalists on familiarization tours to various destinations to get media coverage and write-ups. Others take journalists for front-line operations including coverage of wars and conflicts. Journalism is also a very highly respected career that involves travel. However, it often involves inherent risks since journalists are soft targets for terrorists and are shunned by rogue regimes. 

4. Port Lecturer

A Port Lecturer’s job is fairly easy, provided you have flair for speaking to a large, curious audience. Port Lecturers are hired by cruise lines. Whenever a cruise ship docks at any port of all, Port Lecturers take passengers around the city and serve as guides.

Port Lecturers are also required to know about various tourist attractions at the port of call, local cuisine and other topics that are of interest to passengers. It is a very lucrative job. Other than salary, you also get tips and gifts from passengers.

5. Disc Jockeys

Yes, disc jockeys also travel around the world. To work as a DJ, you will need some special skills such as knowing how to get people swaying and dancing to your tunes- literally. Further, you should have excellent knowledge of music, sound systems, and acoustics, remixing popular hits and performing alongside artists.

DJs are hired by entertainment companies to perform in various foreign countries or accompany popular bands and singers. They are also hired by hotels and resorts, cruise lines and event management companies for assignments at various locations.

6. Naturalist

If nature, flora, and fauna is your interest and you can speak on the topic with ease, find work as Naturalist with a cruise line or nature conservation group. Naturalists are part of cruise liner crew. They brief passengers about the unique birds, trees, insects, reptiles, animals, marine life and other creatures that are peculiar to a port of call.

Naturalists are also hired by travel companies that offer safaris to national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and reserves to serve as tourist guides. Organizations concerned with the preservation of nature also hire naturalists to travel to various places for studying and conservation projects. 

7. Chef

You need not be a Michelin rated or celebrity chef to travel around the world. Nowadays, hotels and resorts invite chefs specialized in a specific cuisine for short visits. During the visit, they hold lectures for hotel guests, invitees and paid students to cook food of a particular cuisine. They also regale guests with live cooking demonstrations and live food stations.

Working as a chef for global hotels and resorts chain also provides ample opportunities to travel. These chains send experienced chefs to new properties at different locations in the world to promote the destination or even to help in setting up the kitchen at a hotel. 

8. Geologist

Geology involves the study of soil, rocks and other geographical elements typical of a country. Their work is to examine samples and assist in search of natural resources such as precious metals, oil, and natural gas. Hence, working as a geologist will also take you to several countries. This job requires specialized qualifications.

Usually, geologists are hired by governments and top companies in the field of oil and gas exploration or those who mine for precious metals. It is a very lucrative profession. Companies engaged in mining and exploration post geologists from different countries.

9. Performing Artists

If you can sing or play musical instruments well enough to perform before an audience, register with entertainment companies and agents that send artists on short contracts abroad. Performing artists from all countries are in great demand worldwide. They are required by hotels and resorts, casinos, event management companies, cruise liners and recording studios.

Governments of most countries also sponsor performing artists to travel abroad and showcase their skills and culture. There are countless cultural exchange programs worldwide that you can utilize to travel to various countries and perform.

10. Spiritual Preacher

This is a great job for anyone who has studied religion and has excellent knowledge of its scriptures. You can work as a spiritual preacher for any religious organization of your faith. The job also involves travelling to different places within and outside your country for preaching.

Your travel and accommodation at the destination are paid for by the host organization. As a spiritual preacher, you will discuss various faith-related issues with followers and members of other religion. You may also have to give lectures and proselytize local populace. Spiritual preachers are highly respected but in some countries, the work can prove dangerous.

Making More from Travel

Thanks to the Internet, you can also monetize your passion to travel and earn extra income. A great way to make money from your travel and its experiences is by taking pictures of exotic places, local food, tourist attractions and monuments, cultural shows and events, dresses, wildlife, cities and other interesting subjects. These photographs can be sold through stock picture companies.

Another excellent way to make money is by starting a blog or a YouTube channel and share your experience through your blog or videos. You can use ad networks or sell affiliate products on your blog or make money through YouTube partner program.

Your videos can cover anything from local songs and dances, a glimpse of life in a foreign country, shopping and dining experiences and lots more. A large number of airline crew also earns extra money by importing motley stuff that is permitted under law. This includes trinkets, foreign garments, chocolate, foodstuff, liquor, and cosmetics. 

In Conclusion

Jobs we have listed above pay very lucrative salaries. They are also highly respected professions to pursue. There are many ways by which travel rewards your career. Citing projects you have completed abroad on your resume increases your chances of bagging a dream job. Travelling for work also carries a lot of money as an allowance that is paid in addition to your regular income and perks. Some companies pay ‘overseas allowance” for employees posted abroad. You can try these careers and satisfy the travel bug too.

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