Top 5 Chocolate Shops in Britain

With the Brits having the second highest chocolate consumption rate in Europe, it’s a rating that Willy Wonka would be proud of. For the Brits, chocolate is the food of the gods, and London is chockfull of artisan chocolatiers. Preparing delicate epicurean delights for chocolate aficionados, there are five top chocolatiers that top the list.

1. Melt

Melt is located in Notting Hill and very appropriate named, since chocolate melts at body temperature. Tempting all that walk by, strollers can watch the velvety chocolates being made. Chocolatier Celia Birtwell designs these sumptuous morsels in themed lollypops, cubes and bonbons. Innovative and unique, there are chocolates with chili, coconut and banana passion flavors. This boutique chocolate shop is a favorite for both the locals and tourists.

2. William Curley

Nestled on a quaint street in Richmond, the chocolate shop of William Curley is second to none. For five years in a row, William Curley has been awarded Britain’s Best Chocolatier by the prestigious Academy of Chocolate. Not only does this popular chocolatier have three London outlets in Harrods, Belgravia and Richmond, he does pop-up shows at St. Martin’s Hotel to celebrate National Chocolate Week. This celebrated chocolatier has also published a book called “Couture Chocolate.” Keeping true to his Scottish roots, this famed chocolatier is well-known for his malt whiskey truffles and heather honey chocolates.

3. Paul.A.Young

Paul Young has three chocolate shops in the Soho area of Islington. This entrepreneurial chocolatier worked with Marks and Spencer before venturing out on his own in 2006. Paul Young is well-known for his innovative creations, including the marmite truffle. His creations are all hand made on the premises with an attention to edgy designs and seasonal ingredients. With a passion for creating unique chocolates, his collections are always evolving.

4. Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Chocolates was established in the early 1980’s by textile design Chantal Coady. Her revolutionary creations take the typical Hershey bar to a whole new dimension. With a wide collection of chocolate goodies, there is something to tickle the cocoa fancy of any connoisseur. Her yummy concoctions include Persian lime organic chocolate bars and hand-painted chocolate crocodiles. This talented chocolatier was awarded the prize for changing the way people think about chocolate from the Academy of Chocolate Awards.

5. Cocomaya

Cocomaya is located on Connaught Street in London and is run by Walid Al Damirji and Joel Bernstein. Both have a previous history of work in the fashion world and bring a world of creativity to the world of chocolate. These fine chocolatiers and artisan bakers are distinct with unique flavors and designs. The two incorporate unique flavors using rose, apple, bramley and pomegranate. Their metallic chocolate skulls are some of the customers’ favourites.

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